Maybe some of you are too young to remember Yo! MTV Raps. Maybe for some of you, hip-hop and house music just aren’t your thing. But I’m guessing the reason many of you USM students did not attend last weekend’s “Hip-Hop House Party” thrown by Student Activities and the Student Senate was because you left campus to go home for Easter weekend.

Still, it was shocking to see a mere 50 or so people at an event featuring nationally-known artists. Worse, only a handful of those people appeared to be college students. Mostly highschoolers turned out for the all-ages event at the Field House on the Gorham campus.

Whatever the excuse, when expensive concerts like this one fail to draw a significant audience, students may end up losing in the long run. If USM students fail to attend USM events, the future of on-campus entertainment is in jeopardy.


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