Familiar face at G-TV

The Senate voted to reappoint current Gorham Television General Manager Chad Carter to the same position for next year.

The sophomore media studies major will run the student television station for the second straight year. G-TV broadcasts movies and other programming to students on the Gorham campus.

Nuts and bolts

After speaking to Provost Joe Wood, the Senate took care of several small details during Friday’s meeting.

The Senate voted to officially change the title of Senate Business Manager Kathleen Pease to “Coordinator of Student Senate Operations.”

As of May 4, Pease’s direct supervisor will be the Senate treasurer instead of the Senate vice chair. Under the current system, Pease gets an annual review by the Senate personnel review board and then the Senate vice-chair, even though she works most closely with the treasurer.

“Now, it’s the person that reviews me who’s my supervisor,” said Pease. “It makes sense.”

You can’t always get what you want-you get more

The Senate introduced a proposal for a new printer for its office. The old one had died, and the Senate was operating without one.

The original proposal was to allocate $150 for a replacement. However, after some discussion, the proposal was amended to $450 for a laser printer, instead of the inkjet that was originally requested.

“With more money they can get a printer that will look good and last a long time,” said Pease.

New groups

The Senate voted to approve the constitution of a new student group, the Premedical Student Association.

Another new student group tried and failed to get Senate approval for a second straight week.

The Macintosh student group had some errors in its original proposal. Apparently, it didn’t read according to Robert’s Rules of Order, according to Pease.

A new student group has to go before the Senate to get approval before it may join the Board of Student Organizations.

The Macintosh group had hoped to get approval before last Friday’s BSO meeting, but will have to wait until next month’s meeting instead.


Amount of money left in the Senate account: approximately $750, according to Pease. However, she does expect the Senate to receive another $1,000 or so in the next few weeks.

Pease said there are some student groups who requested money from the Senate, but didn’t use it all. The groups returned the extra money to the Senate account.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Student Senate will be at 9:30 a.m. Friday in Room 1 of Payson Smith Hall, Portland.

The meeting will feature the election of next year’s executive board.

Pease said the vote is very important. “Whoever gets on the exec board, it makes a big difference on how that year’s Senate runs.

The Senate will also pass out a copy of next year’s budget, though it won’t be voted on until the April 27 meeting. Last semester, the Senate was responsible for distributing over $200,000.

Senate meetings are open to the public. All are encouraged to attend.


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