To the Editors:

I am writing to publicly thank Helen Gorgas-Goulding and

Portland Student Life for protecting my interests by

removing the Casco Bay Weekly from distribution on campus.

After reading the ridiculous cartoons that spawned all the

outrage, I found to my dismay and horror that I had actually

started thinking. I began thinking on a small scale about

how idiotic the cartoon (and perhaps also the cartoonist)

is; on a larger scale I began thinking about the long,

tragic story of how women are commonly portrayed in the


But this is a university; we aren’t here to think. We are,

after all, only college students with fragile intellects and

psyches and are in need of protection by campus heroes such

as Ms. Gorgas-Goulding. Most of the people I have spoken to

agree that we are here to get job training, not to think.

So having questionable publications on campus that may cause

offense or (gasp) get students to think can only distract us

future cogs in the capitalist machine from our

credentializing exercises.

Therefore, I would suggest that Ms. Gorgas-Goulding and

Portland Student Life continue their crusade and purge all

possible offensive or thought-provoking distractions from

campus. First, the art department has to go, since it is

possible that some wayward artist could create another

questionable or offensive piece of art. The bookstore should

be next; I am reasonably sure that something in the

bookstore could be offensive or thought-provoking to some

poor, innocent student on campus. For that matter, the

library is full of books and periodicals that have offended

people throughout history.

The Free Press would also have to go, since there is nothing

to prevent them from publishing something that could offend

someone. For that matter, I imagine what I have written here

could offend some helpless student on campus, so perhaps you

better not print this.

Jim Lindenschmidt

Senior, philosophy major


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