To the Editor:

First of all, let me begin by congratulating you and the rest of your staff for the five national awards that you won at your recent convention. It does all of you credit to have your work recognized at that level and it goes to show that we are lucky to have that sort of quality put into our student-run newspaper.

Having said that, I would like to express my concern that such a notice was not given to Gorham Events Board for similar tidings that we received in November. The National Association for Campus Activities New England Region honored Gorham Events Board for Excellence in Programming for schools with an enrollment of 10,001 and above. This is the second year in a row and the third time in the last four years that we have been thus honored. Immediately following the conference, I called The Free Press in the hopes that they would wish to run a story about it, but received no answer.

So, for the record, I would like to congratulate this group of people that have worked so hard with me for the past year (and some for even longer). They are constantly going above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciate all of their fine work and effort. So thank you Celine Cote, Brian Borja, Diane Smith, Marcy Muller, James Hawks, Troy Faucher, Maury Burgess, Becky Berry, Annie Law, John Robinson, Amy Cadman, Tim Monfort, and our wonderful adviser, Chris Farwell. All of you have brought everything that you could to the table week after week after week and you make this so much fun.

It should also be noted that our Publicity Chair, Ms. Diane Smith, received the Student Leader Award for the state of Maine. So, congratulations again, Diane. Without her hard work very few people would know about our events.

Compared with other programming boards in the New England region, Gorham Events Board is very small. Many schools with much smaller enrollments than this University have programming boards with up to 20 or 30 members while we do all of our hard work with less than 15. Plus, many of these programming boards have much larger budgets. In fact, some boards have a Spring Fling Weekend budget larger than our semester budget. It is because we can still do so much with so little that we win these awards. The New England region recognizes that to be able to put on programs nearly every weekend with so few people to help out and so little money used per event for an entire academic year is difficult and demands respect. We just ask that the University recognize it as well.


Elizabeth Whitman,

Administrative Chair,

Gorham Events Board


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