About the artist: Supa DJ Dmitry of the former Soviet Union was co-founder of the groundbreaking `80s dance group Deee-Lite. Since the group broke up in 1995 he has toured globally as a DJ.

Latest work: “Scream of Consciousness: The Mix CD” (Wax Trax!/TVT Records), an 18-track compilation, Dmitry’s debut solo release.

File under: A future-funk 70-minute frenzy of house with hints of drum-n-base, techno, and electronic music. A great kinetic soundtrack for shedding some winter pounds.

Features: Techno superstars Steve Stoll and Timo Maas, plus a previously unreleased version of Deee-Lite’s “What is Love?”

Choice tracks: “Sixth Sense” by Josh Wink and vocals by Ursula Rucker, “Singularity,” a Dmitry original, and a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

“I expect to surprise people who haven’t been following my DJ career. This release will redefine my work both as a DJ and producer. I’m looking forward. Music has evolved with time and so have I.”

– DJ Dmitry, from NewMediaMusic.com


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