Safe Driving Tips Everyone Must Know

Nobody wants to get into a car accident. An accident can cause financial, medical, and moral distress. Someone could get hurt, property damage could occur, and your insurance premium may increase. Nevertheless, accidents happen—often due to poor driving techniques. Avoid erratic driving and the risks involved with these safe driving tips everyone must know.

Never Drive Under the Influence

Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs are common influencing agents for many drivers. These impair your ability to focus on the road, on the environment, and on other vehicles. Aside from the health risks involved, you can face detrimental consequences if you’re caught driving under the influence—especially if you’re underage. Your car can be impounded, your license could be revoked, and you could even face jail time. Each of these affects your livelihood and your abilities.

Follow the Speed Limit

Always follow the speed limit. Speeding is a common activity many drivers do, but there are ramifications. A speeding ticket can cost you hundreds of dollars, and you’ll often face additional fees or burdens, such as online driving classes or court sentences. You don’t want to have to face any of these penalties as a student. Plus, all it takes is one time to exceed the speed limit to cause a fatal accident for yourself or another driver.

Avoid Distractions

The most common distractions for drivers are the radio, phones, and passengers. Constantly adjusting the radio or finding music on your phone is a great way to lose focus on the road. As we previously mentioned, once you lose focus, you increase your risk of possibly fatal consequences. Choose a playlist that can last you the duration of your drive to avoid any issues. Similarly, many young people tend to distract themselves with their phones. They often feel that a quick text is harmless even when they’re operating a vehicle, but many fatalities and car crashes occur due to distracted driving. Your passengers can also make you lose focus if they misbehave or are too distracting.

Know Your Vehicle

Even your vehicle can be dangerous. Whether you drive a car, a pickup truck, or a motorcycle, you should know how to properly drive your vehicle. Some cars have manual transmissions that require constant gear shifts and clutch brakes. This is drastically different than a car with automatic transmission. Regardless, keep your vehicle fueled, lubricated, and in proper condition to avoid maintenance costs and hazardous driving.

Be a Defensive Driver

Finally, be a defensive driver. Defensive driving refers to the practice of cautious driving, assuming other drivers are erratic, and keeping proper space between you and vehicles around you. Keep in mind that everyone should drive defensively, but many people don’t. Those who drive erratically are the ones who get into accidents and cause serious issues. Reduce your risk of avoidable mishaps by driving responsibly.


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