Ways to Make Your College Wardrobe More Mature

While it’s one of the most fun times in a young person’s life, college will inevitably end. Eventually, you progress in your academic career until that monumental day when you graduate. When this happens, there is a lot to consider. You can continue your studies in graduate school, law school, or medical school, or you can join the workforce. Either way, you need to spruce up your clothes to appear more professional and serious. Read these ways to make your college wardrobe more mature so that you know what to do when your undergraduate days are over.

Dress to Impress

As many will tell you, what you wear matters. Your clothes say a lot about you, including your character and personality. When you walk into your first job interview or start your first day in a new city, you want to wear something that exudes confidence. Your style and mood go together, so it’s no surprise that others will feel impressed and eager to meet you. With that in mind, keep it appropriate. Do not wear casual or athleticwear to events that require more formal clothing. Use your gut and dress how you expect to dress.

Save the Loungewear

You may have liked going to class or taking your finals in sweatpants and a hoodie, but when you’re in the working world, save that for the weekends. Common sense dictates that you will dress according to the dress codes of your office or job position. This means you will have to replace your sweats and loungewear with more appropriate clothes. You can even replace it with more appropriate loungewear, such as long pants and a solid-colored undershirt.

Keep Clubbing Outfits for the Club

Similarly, replace your clubbing clothes with more appropriate nightlife clothes. You can remain confident in an evening dress or polo and khakis compared to the short skirts and muscle-tees in the college scene. Replace the worn-out boots with new heels or dress shoes. Even if you’re going to a bar with friends, you are sure to impress more people with the better style you wear.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spruce Up

On top of your clothes, take this time to focus your hair and accessories. Belts, wallets, glasses, shoes, watches, jewelry, cologne, and hair all make up a put-together person. Someone can wear the right clothes, but if these other parts of their outfit don’t fit, they look poorly dressed. Keep this in mind when dressing for work or a night out. Put together your hair and accessories with as much focus as your outfit. Once you have everything perfect, people will see you take your fashion quite seriously, and thus they will take you as a more serious, put-together person.


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