Rodney Mondor, Dean of Students

Dear Huskies,
Welcome to the University of Southern Maine!

Whether you are a new or continuing student you are an important part of our campus community.

As Dean of Students, it is my honor to serve all students in our community and focus my energy on creating a healthy, safe and inclusive campus where you can maximize your personal
potential while pursuing your educational goals and dreams.

Expand Your Knowledge Base

The University of Southern Maine is a unique institution with so much to offer academically and personally.

Take time to explore and embrace the rich opportunities presented to you. From
performances, lectures and museum exhibits to extraordinary campus events and athletic
competitions, there is something here for everyone!

Get Involved and Stay Healthy!

Join a club or organization – be an entrepreneur and start something new. Use our recreational facilities.

Find an intramural or club sports team. Get enough sleep. Take time to get to know your classmates.

Expect Respect!

Stand up for what you believe in. Consider and learn from the diverse perspectives of others, and redirect or report uncivil and other inappropriate behavior. We are all part of the USM community

Give back to your community!

Share your time and talents with others on campus and in our community throughout the state and around the globe.

Use volunteer time as an opportunity to explore career options, and gain training and professional development. Volunteering is a great way to experience first-hand what a potential position in a particular career field could be like.

The Dean of Students Office is committed to helping you do all of this and more! We are also here for you if you encounter an unexpected obstacle along the way. It's our job to help you seize, reflect upon and integrate your diverse campus experiences — weaving them into the overall fabric of your education.

Welcome to USM!

Rodney Mondor, M.Ed
Dean of Students


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