8 Enchanting Under-the-Radar Group Vacation Getaways

It’s almost time for summer vacation, which means you get to spend three months embracing the sunshine, relaxing, or adventuring with friends. Trips with friends not only save you money but also lead to unforgettable memories and experiences. We’ve come up with some breathtaking locations for you and your friends to travel to this summer. Gather your favorite travel buddies and check out these eight under-the-radar group vacation getaways.

8 Perfect Under-the-Radar Group Vacation Getaways in the U.S.

1. Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a great spot for groups no matter the season, but summer in Lake Tahoe is absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for water activities, you’ll be able to choose from windsurfing, kayaking, and more. After a long day in the sun, enjoy the flashy nightlife or unwind back at your lodge with your pals.

2. Kohler, WI

Kohler, WI

What’s so special about Wisconsin, you ask? When you drive into Kohler, you’ll see what the fuss is all about. Featuring several chic clubs and lodges, a multitude of activities, and scrumptious food, Kohler is a prime travel destination.

3. San Antonio, TX

San Antonio

The culture of San Antonio is one you must experience—especially with a group of friends. The River Walk will lead you through the city center, or you can choose to eat your way through the city. If you’re of age, catch a boat to the Pearl Brewery District.

4. San Juan Islands, WA

San Juan Islands

Say hello to Washington’s most beautiful archipelago. The San Juan Islands are the perfect location to create memories with your friends. Choose one of the four islands, and then take in all the nature, wildlife, and food and drink the area has to offer.

5. Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC

Known for its vibrant arts scene, Asheville is coming out of the woodwork. The nearby Blue Ridge Mountains features great hiking, and the city life is blossoming as well. Dine at some of Asheville’s top-notch restaurants, and—if you’re of age—check out some of the rooftop bars, like Antidote.

6. Telluride, CO

Telluride, CO

Everyone knows about Denver, but what about the enchanting town of Telluride? Home to massive mountains, captivating views, and a rich history, Telluride has a lot to offer. Hike up to some of its mountaintop restaurants, or explore the enchanting town.

7. Providence, RI

Providence, RI

People don’t often think of the home of Brown University as a vacation spot, but Providence is home to loads of activities, views, and museums. It’s a wonderful spot for your group to vacation—experience the magnificent WaterFire shows, and don’t forget to enjoy a meal at one of Providence’s numerous waterfront restaurants.

8. New Buffalo, MI

New Buffalo

New Buffalo is a small town located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Here you can enjoy paddleboarding on the lake, wandering along the sandy shores, or cooling off with a sweet treat from the iconic pig-themed ice cream shop, Oink’s Dutch Treat.


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