By Valerie Kazarian, Staff Writer

During study and exam weeks, both Glickman Library in Portland and the Gorham library are offering extended hours, research assistance, study resources and even snacks to help students complete the semester. In addition, library resources can be accessed online at any time, day or night, from any computer. Tutoring can be scheduled through the USM Portal for those who need some extra help. Free printing will also be available on both campuses during finals weeks.

Glickman Library hours are extended beginning Sunday, Dec. 9 and in Gorham, the library will have extended hours beginning on  Wednesday, December 5. Refer to the calendars attached for full library hours on each campus. Neither library will not be open on either Saturday, Dec. 22 or Sunday, Dec. 23.

Both libraries will offer a Finals Festivities event that will provide refreshments for students to take a brief break from their studies. On Sunday, Dec. 9, free coffee, cookies, yogurt and granola and fruit will be provided at the Gorham Library from 7 p.m. until midnight and the Bailey Café will be open during its regular hours, 7:30 until 8 p.m. from Monday through Thursday and 7:30 until 2 p.m. on Friday.  

Glickman Library will have its Finals Festivities on Sunday, Dec. 16 from 7 p.m. until midnight which will also provide coffee, cookies, yogurt, granola and fruit free of charge to students. Glickman Library will also maintain regular hours at the Starbucks station next to the circulation desk – 7:45 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. from Monday through Thursday and from 7:45 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Friday.

“The research assistance we routinely provide is especially helpful at the ‘crunch time’ end of the semester,” said William Grubb, Coordinator of Reference & Instruction for the USM Libraries. “We can save students a lot of time if they will just ask for help at the second floor Glickman desk or the desk at Gorham library.” Students can also chat with a librarian by opening a chat with the on-duty librarian. “We can help find articles, email them to the user and more,” Grubb added.

For those students who need tutoring help, appointments can easily be scheduled through the USM Portal. Under “USM Quick Links” on the campus portal,  the tutoring schedule comes up. If an account hasn’t yet been established, it may be necessary to set up an account. From there you can choose the appropriate campus and subject, and the availability of a tutor will be provided.

Through the library website, students can also access the resources in the library. A information such as a title or author’s name can be typed into the appropriate space on the library web page and immediately access titles and online resources. Reference desk librarians can help students navigate the online resources.

The help desk and the USM Student Government are providing free printing at campus copiers beginning Dec. 9 for the duration of study and exam weeks. According to Jennifer Smith, the USM Help Desk Director and Katelyn Seavey, the Student Body President, all machines at both the Portland and Gorham campuses are covered in this gift to USM students. This includes the machines in the Student Center and in the hallways. The only exceptions are the copiers at the Law Library.


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