By: Sarah O’Connor, Staff Writer

Susan Feiner is resigning the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CASH) curriculum review committee (CRC). Professor Susan Feiner, PhD is a professor of economics and women and gender studies at USM and also the union president of the university. Professor Feiner shot down the rumors that she is resigning from teaching and her position in the union and explained why she is resigning from the CASH CRC.

Professor Feiner resigned from the position in the CRC because she was too busy as Union president to continue in her role. Feiner said, “I was very disappointed that none of my faculty colleagues in CASH would step up.”

The curriculum review committee is an important part in keeping the faculty in the loop of making the curriculum. Feiner explained it as, “A critically important faculty role… Both our union contract and the university policies and procedures establish that the faculty ‘own’ the curriculum. What that means in practice is that the administration can not force programs on us, can not dictate what we teach in particular classes, or how we teach our classes.”

Resigning from her role on the committee does not change Feiner’s view of how important it is.

“Curriculum review provides a mechanism for faculty to oversee the changing body of courses and topics … offered at the University. If faculty doesn’t review the curriculum, that cedes a lot of power to administrators… and represents a significant erosion of faculty power.”

Another professor will not take Professor Susan Feiner’s position on the CASH curriculum review committee as the committee has been shut down, though it did not help that no faculty member stepped up to take her place. Though Feiner saw it as having a crucial role in giving power to the faculty, the lack of participation means no more CASH CRC.

The curriculum still belongs to the faculty, but the end of the CASH curriculum review committee means less review and less power the faculty has over the curriculum. The CASH CRC was present to give power to the faculty and keep them in the loop, but with the loss of Professor Feiner and the end of CASH CRC means a change in faculty power.


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