Reading Books Deemed Illegal

Unwanted person, Glickman Library. Officer located a person that is not welcomed at the library. Trespass paperwork served by Officer.

Buying Books, Also Illegal

Unwanted person, Woodbury Campus Center. Unwelcome person reported in the store. Unfounded, no official restriction in place.

Beating with Books, Awesome

Disturbance, Glickman Library. Staff reports two people fighting. Officer responded. Trespass paperwork issued.


Rookie Cop’s Big Break

Motor Vehicle Stop, Fort Hill Rd. Vehicle defect issued for brake light out.

“I Used My Mouth Hole to Tell Him To Stop”

Motor Vehicle Stop, Campus Ave. Verbal warning for stop sign violation.

Cops Score Crack Pipe Study-Buddy

Drug complaint, Upton Hastings Hall. R.D, Drug paraphernalia found and turned over to Police. Report taken.


Haunted Shaft Dial Cops

911 Call, 59 Exeter St. Emergency phone in elevator. No answer. Handled by Dispatch.


It’s Tricky When They’re Not Moving

Motor Vehicle Crash, G20 Parking lot. Vehicle struck parked car. Report taken.


Mother Called; Wash Your Butt

Attempt to Locate, Parents called about locating son on Gorham campus. Student located.


Poo Box Dumped

Abandoned Motor Vehicle, 88 Bedford St Parking Garage. Vehicle towed. Report taken.


Riveting News

Abandoned Motor Vehicle, G20 parking lot. Dispatch made contact with the owner. Vehicle will be moved in the next two weeks.


Don’t Mess With Lib. Staff

Criminal trespass, Glickman library. Staff reports that a subject known to them is trespassing. Subject was arrested by USM Officer and transported to the Cumberland County Jail.


OK U Broke In; Leave Door Alone

Burglary report, Glickman Library. Staff reports that a known subject had broken into the Library and while doing so damaged an exterior door. Report taken. Officer investigating. Update: Subject identified, criminal charges pending.


Hockey-Booze; Perfect Marriage

Disorderly Conduct and Assault,  Ice Arena, 55 Campus Drive. Report of a Student being disorderly and would like them removed. Student was uncooperative and assaultive. Was arrested for Assault and taken to the Cumberland County Jail. Also charged with Minor Consuming Liquor.



Motor Vehicle Accident, G20 Parking Lot. Vehicle rolled out of parking space and into another vehicle. Report taken.



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