This week the Huskies’ men’s tennis team added two more wins, improving their record to 10-3 while remaining undefeated in the Little East Conference with a record of 4-0. The Huskies are also undefeated at home and have won the last ten matches straight.

In the match against Salem State University Tuesday, the Huskies performed strongly, shutting out the Vikings for a 9-0 win grabbing their tenth straight win. Sophomore Tyler Adams and junior Scott Gagne each went 6-0, 6-0 in singles matchups against Salem State. Adams and Gagne also won their doubles match 8-0, altogether contributing three of the nine final team points.

While seniors Chris Ross and Corey Dyke won their doubles match 8-0, as well as each going 8-0 in singles matches contributing an additional three points. Freshman Max Wilkey and junior Thaddeus St. John went 6-0, 6-1 and 6-3, 6-1 respectively in singles as well as pairing up to win 8-1 in doubles and picking up the final three points of the match for USM.

Head Coach Aaron Bergeron isn’t surprised with the results of the season thus far. “From the very beginning I could tell we were going to have a pretty strong team, but that was kind of up to them–how hard they wanted to work, how hard they pushed themselves,” said Bergeron.

This is Bergeron’s first year as a collegiate level head coach. He took on the position of men and women’s tennis head coach after a year as assistant coach at USM. He also coaches Gorham High School’s women’s tennis team and the Gorham Middle School tennis team. Bergeron mentions that his coaching style varies from team to team, focusing on the needs of the athletes.

“At the beginning ages, middle school and even high school, it’s a lot more teaching–I mean the men and women I have at USM already know how to play, so for me it’s more about coaching on mentality and strategy, which I find more fun as opposed to mechanics,” he said. “With most of the middle schoolers, that’s about all it is, but it’s fun in its own way for sure.”

With only two conference matches left in regular season play, Bergeron is optimistic. “Right now we’re looking strong in the Little East Conference, we’ve beaten (UMass) Boston and Dartmouth, who were the reigning champion and finalist last year,” said Bergeron. “I think that puts us in a good spot for this year’s championship.”

However Coach Bergeron’s goals for the team aim higher than the Little East Conference Championship title. “I mean, fingers crossed–if we manage to get the championship we would move on to NCAA tournament play,” he said. “Hoping we make it there.”

The Huskies last regular season match will be played at the Gorham High School courts next Saturday at 12:00 p.m. against Western Connecticut.


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