March 21-April 20


You may feel especially drawn to your Facebook account this week. The stars align, telling you to network, network, network. Go with it. (And love it when you get all kinds of happy birthday wall posts).

This week, throw a costume party.


April 21-May 20

Dive in heels first

It’s time to rock like that French girl on MTV commercials. Don’t hold back, take on the week’s issues like a sequin-wearing, high-heeled rocker.

This week, buy a lottery ticket.


May 21-June 20

Beware the Diva

This week, this whole month actually, you craaave attention. Fine. Crave it. But after everyone looks at you, consider what they may be thinking of you. You can act the diva, and the spotlight can be really great for you, but watch out for the underdog if you get too high and mighty.

This week, upgrade your computer.


June 21-July 21


Under playful Mars, you may feel any of the following: silly fits of joy, loopy behavior, excessive chattiness, bat-your-eyelashes coy, you may even come down a case or two of ‘the giggles.’ However the planet effects you personally, delight in the spring fever you’re experiencing and let it go to your head. You doesn’t want the giggles?

This week, have a meeting with your advisor.


July 22-August 21

It’s in the air!

Love. Get your mojo working. Springtime. Blossoming. Romance. Either rent the sex movies (see arts section, page 11) or try flirting.

This week, bust out the flip-flops.


August 22- September 21

Take Charge

You don’t need a second opinion to know you’re right, take the initiative and step in a new direction. Something you may be wary of could reap sweet benefits.

This week, tune up your bike.


September 22- October 21


Can’t nobody hold you down! Oh no! You got to keep on mooo-vin’! Coincidentally, you have fallen into the horoscope of ass-shaking and empowerment. And good for you, everyone needs a good dance party (be it mental or physical) and of course nobody can hold you down, you’re a Libra.

This week, skip class and get ice cream.


October 22- November 21

Balls to the walls.

Take this time while you’re feeling ballsy to do something you might not have the guts to do otherwise. Try for a new job, secure an internship, put an end to drama between you and the girl from that party.

This week, wave to the guy in the car next to you.


November 22-December 20

Feeling Feisty.

Thanks to Mercury, you are totally freaking feisty right now. While this could spur more flirtation, umm, let’s just say keep it (in your pants) calm for the time being. Or else you risk making a fool of yourself. Use the feist for making witty jokes, wearing a daring top – anything but making moves.

This week, recycle this paper!


December 21- January 19

Go with the Flow

Unexpected events have made way for a new project, and you should roll with the punches this week. It’s April, it’s a new month, it’s time to register for classes, it’s time to graduate, it’s time to get a haircut. Go ahead and take chances that have to do with the unexpected. What better time?

This week, accept that invitation to an honors society.


January 20-February 18

Reward System

It’s a good time for you to take a look at your life, sigh, and relax. Take little breaks to get yourself through a busy time. Set little rewards for yourself. Beer after your exam. Nails done after a big job interview. Cheers.

This week, buy somebody flowers


February 19-March 20

You go-getter, way to live in a Technicolor world this week, Pisces. It takes an honorable person to move the way you do, and you can be commended for your big dreams. Right now, playing hard to get might be the best way to get what you want. Or what you think you want.

This week, do your laundry.


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