What do you think of your major?

Technically I’m a bio major, but that’s not what I want to be. I want to get into the nursing program, but that’s kind of impossible. I’m doing some bio and some nursing classes.

What’s the best environment to do homework in?

Anywhere really, except if it’s really really loud. I like to have some noise, like music. I like coffee shops.

Do you go to the Gorham Grind much?

Sometimes, or somewhere in Portland, or I try something new.

What did you do over vacation?

I went to visit my boyfriend, and I worked. He goes to school in New York. It’s outside of Albany, about a five-hour drive.

What is your dream job?

Well, nursing, but traveling. A pediatric traveling nurse to be specific.

Just traveling the country or would you want to go overseas?

Anywhere and everywhere.

Are there any TV shows that you watch religiously?

Is this before the writer’s strike? I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy, and then it hasn’t been playing. And Gilmore Girls, but it’s done now. Mainly those two. I’ve been watching American Dad, but I don’t watch it religiously.


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