Name: Miranda Richards

Age: 21

Major/Year: Nursing Junior

When do you expect to graduate?

Summer 2006, or fall 2006.

Do you live on campus?

Yes, I live in Phillipi Hall in Gorham. It’s a triple suite, which is nice because we have our own bathroom. Before that I lived for two years in Upton-Hastings. Next year though, I’ll have an apartment off campus.

Are you a working student?

Yes, I do two jobs. I am a CNA (Certified Nurse’s Aid) at Cedar’s Nursing home and I’m a receptionist for the Portland Sea Dogs.

The Sea Dogs job sounds fun, do you get to watch the games?

No, they do let us listen to a radio while the game is on. But I’m a Yankee’s fan anyways.

What do you plan to do with your degree?

Well, I’m not totally sure yet. But I think I’m gonna work in a Boston area hospital. They have bigger hospitals down there and the pay is better. I’d really like to be a neo-natal nurse.


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