March 5

Flowers were left at the president’s home.

A guest refused to sign in at Upton Hastings Hall.

Two full cans of beer were thrown from the fourth floor of Upton Hall onto the windshield of a car below. No damage was done to the car.

March 6

A summons was issued for trafficking dangerous knives, possession of drug paraphrenalia, and criminal trespassing.

An intoxictaed female was falling down while trying to smoke outside Dickey Wood Hall.

Someone reported vomit in a hallway of Upton Hastings. A clean-up was requested.

March 7

The polive found parking lot P-9 littered with pizza boxes, empty beer cans, bottles and cups.

A student reported graffiti on his door on the third floor of Woodward Hall.

March 8

The letter I was removed from the Philippi Hall sign over the weekend.

The hot water on the fifth through eighth floors of Dickey Wood Hall was too hot. Someone requested maintenance. The first seven DFM personnel contacted were not available.

Someone took the FM pick-up truck and abandoned it. The suspect left the truck running with the doors locked.

March 9

The police found handicap sign and cement block stuffed in a trash can outside of Brooks Student Center.

A fire extinguisher was discharged on the second floor of the Portland Hall suites.

A hole was punched in the wall of the first floor at Portland Hall in the same place that was just repaired.

A resident of Wood Hall was locked in the room when a doorknob fell off the outside of the door.

March 10

An orange and white traffic pole is missing from the sidewalk by the Gorham police station.

Poster boards in Anderson Hall were burned.

The Portland Hall dining center was flooded by an ice cream freezer leak.

Someone reported being stalked.

March 11

Marijuana was smelt on the second floor of Woodward Hall. The RA handled student conduct code violations.

March 12

There was a request to have someone clean up a mess in Dickey Hall that included a condom hung on the doorknob, and another mess which made it hard to enter the room.

One student complained that another student’s car was blocking hers. The complainant’s car was parked improperly.

March 13

Elevator wires were hanging out of the wall in Upton Hastings. The mess was taped with duct tape until an electrician could be notified.

A bracelet worth $40 was stolen from the trade show in the Gorham field house.

The fire alarm at Brooks Student Center was set off by smoke from a cigarette that was smouldering brush beside the butt container.

March 14

A wallet was stolen from the mens’ locker room in Sullivan Gym.

A contractor was found working on the sixth floor of Glickman Library.

A male subject wearing baggy pants was carrying a fire extinguisher. The RA told him to drop it. He dropped it and ran.

Someone was warned for urinating in public.


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