An additional million dollars was cut from USM’s 2002-2003 budget recently.

The new cuts were added to the $1.5 million cut from the 2002-2003 operating budget in response to a 47 percent rise in USM’s healthcare costs.

A hefty $250,000 of that cut came at the expense of the academic area, while research and development saw $200,000 in cuts, which will result in negative effects on new research.

“The remaining cuts were made in basic operating support services throughout the Institution,” Robert Caswell, executive director of media & community relations said.

New this fall is the printing fee, which affects anyone who uses campus computer labs. The fee is 4 cents per page. The transportation fee, which has been added to Student bill is $20 for 0.5 credit to 5.5 credits, $32.50 for six to 11.5 credits, and $45 for 12 or more credits. The transportation fee replaces the $35 cost of an optional parking decal.

Students with cars who wish to park on USM lots can get a decal from USM Police at no additional charge above the new transportation fee.

Although there is a diverse range of ages at USM with a variety of financial backgrounds, some students view the fee and tuition increases as normal.

“I didn’t notice the tuition increase,” said Marielle VanderSchaaf a junior sociology major. “The fees don’t really bother me, it’s part of school,” said Ryan Pelletier, a senior communication major.

“I don’t think the printing fee is bad, because I can print at home,” said Julie Reed, an undeclared freshman

“It’s a way to make people only print what they need,” she said.

Reed was less enthusiastic about the transportation fee.

“Why should I have to pay for a parking space I’m not going to use?”


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