Saturday, Jan.19

A motor vehicle hit and run was reported in the Woodward lot.

Several people were found fighting in front of Phillipi Hall. Police broke up the fight upon arrival.

As a result, Christian W. Maki, 19, of Hastings Hall, was charged with obstructing government administration when he allegedly interfered with the officer who was trying to break up the fight. The case is still under investigation.

Sunday, Jan.20

Harassment by computer messaging was reported when a Gorham resident received a disturbing message through instant messaging.

USM police are declining comment on the nature of the message at this time because the case is still under investigation. However, a friend of the victim called the police to because she might know something about the incident. The friend used to work for Resnet and had some problems with an individual who also worked there.

She also received some harassing phone calls the previous night.

Criminal mischief was reported when a chair and toaster oven were thrown downstairs in Phillipi Hall onto the first floor lobby.

“Incidents like this can be very serious if someone were to be standing underneath because they can cause serious injury or death,” said Det. Sgt. Ron Saindon. “People need to think of these things before they throw stuff from stairwells or windows.”

Monday, Jan.21

An Anderson Hall resident reported harassment by phone after receiving a phone call. There was no threat made and USM police are currently investigating the case.

Nicholas Scheib, 19, of Dickey Hall, was arrested for operating after suspension after he was stopped for erratic driving on Campus Avenue. Scheib was later transported to Cumberland County jail.

Tuesday, Jan.22

A motor vehicle hit and run was reported by Bailey Hall.

Gorham police requested assistance from USM police in transporting Rachael Nadeau, 18, of 26 Lombard St. in Gorham after they arrested her. While transporting Nadeau to Cumberland County jail, the officer had to stop and re-cuff her because she was getting violent. The officer later requested Medcu to meet him at the jail because Nadeau banged her head in the cruiser intentionally and was bleeding.

Not only was Nadeau arrested by Gorham PD, she was also charged with criminal mischief by USM police after spitting bodily fluids inside the back of the police cruiser during transportation to the jail.

Wednesday, Jan.23

Another motor vehicle hit and run was reported behind Masterton Hall.

“Hit and runs are a common occurrence in the winter due to sliding on the ice and snow,” said Saindon.


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