Thursday, Jan.10

A suspicious e-mail was received asking the receiver to set up an account so someone overseas could transfer money into an account.

USM police said it may be a possible scam.

The case was referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which traces any overseas e-mails.

Sunday, Jan. 13

A vehicle was reported doing spin-outs on the hill by parking lot G-20 on the Gorham campus.

The car was not found, nor did there appear to be any property damage. Had any damage to property been found, police could have charged the suspect with criminal mischief.

A dorm room in Woodward Hall was broken into.

The burglar stole a laptop, stereo and phone. The resident’s door was locked during the holiday vacation and USM police are not sure how the burglar got in.

The case is still under investigation.

The smell of marijuana was reported in Woodward Hall and in Portland Hall on the Portland campus. Neither of the sources were able to be determined.

Monday, Jan.14

A wallet was stolen around 2 p.m. from the Sullivan Gym in Portland.

Thefts of wallets and purses have been continuous on the Portland campus for about three weeks now.

Det. Sergeant Ron Saindon said the thefts are “possibly related,” and that USM police are, “urging people to take extra care and caution in securing their belongings.”

Tuesday, Jan.15

The smell of marijuana was reported in Phillipi Hall.

But USM police were unable to determine the source.

If the source were determined the suspect would be referred to the Office of Community Standards for a strike and drug violation.

If there were evidence of the selling of illegal substances, then it would become a court issue. If there were more than an ounce and a half of marijuana police could charge a suspect with a criminal violation. Less than that amount is a civil violation, according to Maine state law.

Wednesday, Jan.16

Theft of a parking boot was reported in lot G-7, Gorham campus, when the boot and the vehicle were both discovered gone.

Police suspect that the owner of the vehicle removed the boot and drove away.


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