Saturday, Nov. 3

Three Portland Hall residents reported receiving harassing messages on their answering machines, all of the same nature, and several other complaints have been made. USM Police were able to recover the recordings and are still investigating.

At 1:10 a.m. a computer desk was stolen from Portland Hall. A resident put the desk out in the hall and later went out to get it, finding it gone.

“People need to be aware that people out there steal,” said Detective Sgt. Ron Saindon. “We should be more secure of our belongings.”

Monday, Nov. 5

Three more reports were made from residents of Portland Hall after they had also received harassing phone calls.

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Another harassment by phone was reported by a Portland Hall resident. Even though it is not yet proven whether or not the harassing calls reported on the Nov. 3 and Nov. 5 are related to this report, Saindon said he believes they are all related.

A male student reported being followed by another male while he was walking.

Wednesday, Nov. 7

A vehicle owner reported a dent in the car, apparently after it was kicked by another person. The car was parked in lot P3 on the Portland campus.

Children’s swings were reported stolen from a storage shed at Child Care Services on the Portland campus. The swings are worth $150.

Thursday, Nov. 8

A report was made that someone has apparently kicked a hole in the wall on the third floor of the main Portland building.


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