EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a resolution passed by the Student Senate during Friday’s meeting.

The 30th Student Senate of the University of Southern Maine wishes to express its condemnation of the events involving the alleged theft of the two most recent editions of The Free Press.

While it is not the duty of this Senate to investigate allegations, name suspects, weigh evidence, or judge guilt, it is our duty to represent the student body and stand up when their constitutionally-guaranteed right to be informed by a free and uncensored press has been abridged. Whatever the motivation, regardless of the precipitating factors, such behaviors are completely unacceptable, and contrary to the basic guiding principals of our great nation.

Be it hereby resolved that this 30th Student Senate of the University of Southern Maine condemns the acts taken by individuals to abridge these constitutionally guaranteed rights, and calls for the proper authorities within both the University and Law Enforcement communities to conduct a thorough and fair investigation to decide if these events are criminal, and what steps, if any, are warranted to punish those who may be found guilty.

Furthermore, we call for all parties involved in this incident to work together to find common ground so that we may prevent another unfortunate event such as this from happening again.

30th Student Senate


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