I want to make sure people understand: I don’t hold the entire Greek community at USM responsible for what’s been happening.

But a lot of people do.

I understand that many of you don’t agree with the actions of those who were caught stealing the paper. Many of you have written me letters, sent emails, or stopped by to talk to me.

However, there’s no doubt that high profile incidents like what’s been happening here do not help improve Greeks’ image. Regardless of the fact that 98 percent of you didn’t know about any plan to steal the papers, the actions of a few hurt the rest.

Anybody who picked up the Press Herald last week or watched TV heard that some frat boys screwed up. That feeds the negative stereotypes you’re trying to fight.

So in an effort to be fair, I’m willing to meet with Greek leaders to talk about how the media works and how to get more balanced coverage in the future. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to cover news when it happens, it means only that I agree you’re doing some positive things that have been largely ignored in the past.

But it’s hard to have a meeting if you don’t return phone calls or emails. So the invitation is open to anyone who would like to talk about Greeks and the campus media. I will not attend a “bash The Free Press” meeting, but I will attend a meeting where we can talk about the problem and how to work toward a solution like adults.

My e-mail address is at the top of this page. Please contact me sooner than later.


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