To the Editor:

If the thefts are, indeed, related to criticism of the Greek organizations, they have merely confirmed any bad impression anyone may have had of fraternities and sororities. I am disgusted with the childishness of it — people are dying in other countries because they are not free to discuss opposing ideas about religion and government, and some misguided students would thwart free speech because they don’t like what’s being said about their group? They should be required to study history, and write essays on the relationship between free speech and democracy.

Superiority and self-righteousness (my own) aside, most likely it is the action, not officially sanctioned by any formal leadership, of a few individuals with dim perception and bad judgement. Greek leadership will need to have some very serious discussions about what their brotherhoods or sisterhoods stand for — solidarity behind any action, or upholding the law of the land. Then maybe whomever is responsible could be sanctioned via restorative justice rather than retributive — another good discussion for the whole campus.

It’s not too late for USM to come out the better for this ordeal.

Penny Hilton

USM graduate

Volunteer Coordinator for Maine Volunteers for Justice


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