Dionne Smith

Editor in Chief

Dionne is a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in education. As the Editor-in-Chief, he is in charge of all material that goes into the paper, as well as managing the editors. In his freshman year at USM he joined the Free Press as a writer. He was also the Community editor and the Director of Photography before becoming the Editor-in-Chief.

Kate Rogers

News Editor

Kate is a senior majoring in media studies with a focus in journalism and social media. They have worked at the Free Press for two years as a writer and now editor, and are now the features intern at the Portland Press Herald. The future is uncertain, but writing will always be a constant in their life, as well as a passion for media arts of all kinds. In case you were wondering, their cat is called Gilbert and he is passionate about eating grass.


Cullen McIntyre

Sports Editor

Cullen is a sophomore Media Studies major along with a Sports Media Minor. He joined the Free Press last fall as a writer, before taking on Sports Editor. He takes photos for his section with a Nikon D7500 and does portraits on his photography page @cullenmcintyrephotography. He also hosts a talkshow at WMPG called “Sports Jam” on alternating Sundays from 9-11pm. When he is not writing he is playing soccer, or coaching a 14u travel baseball team called the Maine Lightning.

Abigail Nelson

Community Editor

Abby is a sophomore Media Studies major with a minor in Spanish. She started working at the Free Press last semester as a staff writer after transferring from Husson University her freshman year. She is currently an intern at Amjambo Africa, a statewide paper about Mainers from Africa. When she’s not working on an assignment she’s taking photos for her photography page @abigailnelsonphotography. .

Lydia Libby

Web Editor

Lydia is a Maine resident, who received her Associate’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies in 2018 from Southern Maine Community College. In September of 2017, Lydia started as an intern for NEWS CENTER Maine. Lydia began working for NEWS CENTER Maine as a digital content producer in December of 2017. In the Fall of 2018, Lydia began her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Southern Maine, where she found herself working for the Free Press as the Web Editor. In her free time, Lydia enjoys doing yoga- whether it be vinyasa, yin, goat, kitten, or aerial yoga- she loves it all. Lydia also loves taking photos with her Canon 70D. Lydia is set to graduate in the Spring of 2020.

Dakota Tibbets

Design Director


Lydia Libby

Web Editor

Lydia is a Junior at USM, and is double majoring in communication and media studies. Lydia is a transfer student who graduated with her associates degree in communications and new media studies from SMCC. Lydia is currently the Web Editor for the Free Press, and took on the role in the fall of 2018. Along with working for the Free Press, Lydia has been working for NEWS CENTER Maine since September of 2017 as a digital content producer. In her spare time, Lydia enjoys photography, yoga, and volunteering at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

Zoe Bernardi

Staff Writer

Zoe is entering her sophomore year here at USM, with a double major in Communications and Media Studies. Zoe is from upstate New York and wanted to move to Maine for school for a change in pace and to explore the lovely city of Portland. When she is not working on a new assignment, she enjoys spending her time with her friends, journaling, going on adventures and calling family and friends from home!

Amelia Bodge

Staff Writer

Amelia is a Junior majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a focus in Journalism. She starting writing for the Free Press this year after transferring from York County Community College where she graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Studies. She got her interest in Journalism from her grandfather who was a reporter for The Boston Globe and earlier this year she won a Maine Press Association scholarship for Journalism. When she’s not working she enjoys practicing doing her makeup and collecting vinyl.

Emma Walsh

Staff Writer

Emma is a sophomore and a news writer for the Free Press. She is double majoring in Communications and Media Studies and double minoring in Public Relations and Marketing. She is also a tour guide with USM Admissions. She also loves dance, writing, and spreading positivity.