Julie Pike


Julie has been editor since January of 2018. She’s been a part of the team since her freshman year, when she started as a staff writer. Julie is currently in her last semester at USM. She’s majoring in communications with a minor in public relations in marketing. She hopes to continue on with a career in journalism after graduation. Outside of school and the paper, Julie is a dogwalker and has a passion for travelling and hiking.

Alyson Peabody

News Editor

Alyson Peabody is a junior double majoring in art history and fine arts with a minor in writing. She began working for the Free Press in the fall of 2018 as a staff writer, and became News Editor in February 2019. In her spare time she is a freelance model, artist and writer working on her fifth book.

Asha Tompkins

Arts & Culture Editor

Asha is a freshman media studies major from Biddeford, Maine. She began working for the Free Press right after high school, where she was Editor of her school’s newspaper. When she isn’t writing for school, she’s writing for the Free Press, writing music, editing vlogs and making memes.

Dionne Smith

Director of Photography

Dionne is a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in education. As the Director of Photography, he is in charge of all photographic material that goes into the paper. Dionne first took up photography in his junior year of high school and immediately connected with it. He purchased his own camera in 2016 and has been working hard creating material and improving his technique.

Lauren McCallum

Design Director

Lauren is a freshman at USM majoring in communications with an honors minor. She wants to either work in public relations or start her own nonprofit organization. Lauren recently gradated from Biddeford High School in 2018 where she worked on the yearbook staff for three years – two as an editor – and one year on the student newspaper. Now she works as the Design Director for the Free Press, designing ads, graphic covers, and working with the layout. She loves having this opportunity to continue her graphic design career in college. Aside from graphic design, Lauren loves animals, reading, movies and traveling. So far, Seattle and France have been her favorite destinations. She’s hoping to have traveled the world one day!

Kate Rogers

Community Editor

Kate is a junior majoring in media studies with a focus in journalism and social media. She has worked at the Free Press for a year and a half, with a semester off because of a study abroad. In fall of 2018 she was able to study in Florence, Italy for a semester. Along with a love for travel, she enjoys writing— both creative and journalistic— video games, Twitter, and the color yellow.

Cullen McIntyre

Sports Editor

Cullen is a freshman media studies major along with a sports media minor. He is the Sports Editor of the Free Press, and also an Assistant Editor for PrimeTimeSportsTalk.com. He also hosts a Boston Celtics podcast named In The Rafters Podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes. Cullen also coaches a 13U Maine Lightning travel baseball team and avidly follows Boston sports teams.

Lydia Libby

Web Editor

Lydia is a Junior at USM, and is double majoring in communication and media studies. Lydia is a transfer student who graduated with her associates degree in communications and new media studies from SMCC. Lydia is currently the Web Editor for the Free Press, and took on the role in the fall of 2018. Along with working for the Free Press, Lydia has been working for NEWS CENTER Maine since September of 2017 as a digital content producer. In her spare time, Lydia enjoys photography, yoga, and volunteering at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

Berkeley Elias

Lead Photographer

Berkeley is a photographer at the Free Press, and studies engineering at USM. When he isn’t doing coursework, he’s outside capturing Maine landscapes and wildlife.

Zoe Bernardi

Staff Writer

Zoe likes to focus on the Arts and Culture section of the newspaper, but is always ready to jump around and try new things. She is a freshman and is double majoring in communications and media studies. Zoe am from upstate New York. When she is not working on an assignment, she enjoys hanging out with friends, practicing yoga and face timing her family and cat 🙂

Cooper-John Trapp

Staff Writer

Cooper is a social & behavioral sciences major in his sophomore year at USM. He writes and fact-checks articles before they go to press for validity. Cooper is from Piermont, NH and outside of the paper is a brother of Phi Mu Delta Fraternity and is involved with the Student Senate. His free time is usually spent, “thinking. I think too much,” he says.

Cody Curtis

Staff Writer

Cody is a 22 year old senior and media studies major. He is the writer of the MovieTalk section of the paper, sharing his loving for film and keeping the populus informed about films they should watch and apply into their own lives. He also runs a Youtube channel, where he reviews movies and does collaborations with his friend Zach Pope, diving deeper into the meaning of film. At USM he runs three different podcasts: Film Time w/ Cody Curtis (Movies) On Campus w/ Cody Curtis and Maverick Keegan (College Health) and Spooky Times at USM w/ Cody Curtis and Charley Merryman (Horror Film Dissection). He’s also working with a group of students on a short film. Finally, besides being a college student who is preparing for graduation in the fall, he loves more than anything to socialize and to be around friends and family.

Melissa Fraiser

Staff Writer