‘USM needs to be invested in, not cut:’ Faculty, students respond to announcement of faculty cuts

Posted on October 06, 2014 by Emma James in News

Susan Feiner, a professor of economics and women and gender studies, has continuously spoken out against USM administration since cuts last spring.

Students and faculty gathered in opposition to the cuts released earlier in the day by the president and provost. Susan Feiner, professor of economics and vice president of the faculty union AFUM, announced that AFUM speaks out strongly against the ill-advised cuts that, according to her, completely compromise USM. “Programs are explicitly detailed in the […]

Admin yet to ease uncertainty in teach-out plan

Posted on October 06, 2014 by Emma James in News

Programs eliminated by the board of trustees are still waiting for administrative action to proceed with the enactment of a teach-out plan for students. Progress has been made, but uncertainty still remains. According to Kent Ryden, professor and director of American and New England studies, the dean’s office sent out a letter to all current […]

President Flanagan announces 50 faculty cuts, two program eliminations to combat budget deficit

Posted on October 06, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

David Flanagan, interim president at USM.

President David Flanagan announced today that the university would be eliminating 50 faculty positions and two additional programs by the end of November to combat its growing budget deficit, which is estimated at $16 million right now. The administration has increased early retirement incentives and are looking to eliminate many positions through retirement by Oct. […]

Students demand earlier bus

Posted on October 04, 2014 by USM Free Press in News

By: Brian Gordon The 8:45 bus that runs from Woodbury Campus Center in Portland to Gorham is often late getting students back to the dorms. A quick search on MaineStreet yielded nine classes that end at 7 p.m. or just after, forcing those students who are heading home in Gorham to wait nearly two hours, […]

Students stress importance of voting

Posted on October 04, 2014 by USM Free Press in News

By: Annie Quandt There’s been a lot of presence on campus of voting and political activists recently. It’s no coincidence that their arrival signifies that voting season is approaching. These votes will pertain to everything from elections in the senate, the race for governor, tactics in bear hunting and 6 bond issues, some regarding clean […]

Student Senate continues to fill empty seats

Posted on October 04, 2014 by USM Free Press in News

By: Alex Huber The primary goal of the Student Senate so far this semester has been filling vacant seats and increasing their presence on campus, and they’re beginning to make progress. At last week’s meeting the senate added two new senators and quickly replaced the treasurer position that was left vacant due to internal conflicts. […]

Alleged Student Senate violations tossed aside

Posted on October 04, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

Two weeks ago the Student Senate treasurer denounced decisions made by the senate chair and parliamentarian to withhold his paycheck after multiple absences. Treasurer Jason Blanco recommended that Joshua Dodge, the senate chair, and Joshua Tharpe, the parliamentarian be removed from their positions for violating the constitution, which does not give them the authority to […]

Portland Events Board’s existence is at stake

Posted on October 04, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

The Portland Events Board, a student group that organizes programming for commuter students, may no longer exist because the last executive board member, the group’s chair, turned in a letter of resignation last Friday. Rebecca Tanous, the student body vice president, raised concerns at last week’s Student Senate meeting, informing the senate that Heath Garson, […]

LGBTQ community and Christians discuss love on campus

Posted on October 04, 2014 by Francis Flisiuk in News

In an effort to provide a comfortable and welcoming space for members of the LGBTQ community to explore and discuss their faith with other Christians, a six-week series of discussions has been planned, centered around the idea that “love is an orientation.” Sarah Holmes, the assistant director of student life and diversity and coordinator of […]

USM to host teach-in focusing on ISIS activity

Posted on October 04, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, commonly referred to as ISIS, has made headlines around the world recently for making violent threats against the United States and its allies, and the beheading of two American journalists. On Wednesday, the office of Multicultural Students Affairs is hosting a teach-in for the public, focusing on the […]