Almost two tons of food waste tossed weekly

Posted on March 02, 2015 by Francis Flisiuk in News

Ahmed Muti, an Aramark food service worker in the Woodbury in Portland explains the food waste procedure. About  two-to-three times a day, he collects all food that is out of code and throws them in compost bins.

Despite good intentions and efforts from both Aramark and USM Sustainability, dining services wastes about 3,500 pounds of food a week in the Portland and Gorham kitchens. This information comes from Steve Sweeney, the resource recovery supervisor, who said that about 3,000 pounds of that food waste comes from Gorham because a buffet service is […]

USM takes precaution against measles

Posted on March 02, 2015 by Zachary Searles in News

Over February break, USM Health & Counseling services sent out two emails to update students about the measles outbreak that has occurred, starting in California and has started to make its way eastward across the United States. Measles is a viral illness that causes symptoms similar to the flu, and shortly after these symptoms arise […]

Plans for student advocacy program unfold

Posted on March 02, 2015 by Sam Hill in News

Laura Cyr, postgraduate fellow in finance and administration, made her last stop at USM last week to present her student advocacy program to the student senate. She explained the program and asked for help in promoting it and selecting members.

Students concerned with state appropriation for higher education in Maine will soon have an opportunity to take their thoughts and concerns straight to the state legislature. In connection with the University of Maine system chancellor’s office, Laura Cyr, a postgraduate fellow in finance and administration, is spearheading the formation of a student advocacy program that […]

‘It’s a clash of ignorance’: ISIS atrocities continue

Posted on March 02, 2015 by Francis Flisiuk in News

ISIS, the group of fundamentalist Sunni muslims that have brutally conquered chunks of land in Northern Iraq and Syria under the banner of an “Islamic State,” has dominated headlines of numerous national and international news agencies. And with new reports of kidnappings, air-strikes, vandalism and acts of public torture and execution pour in from the […]

Citing management turmoil, ratings agency drops UMaine’s bond outlook to ‘negative’

Posted on March 02, 2015 by USM Free Press in News

The credit ratings agency Standard & Poor’s revised its outlook on the University of Maine System from “stable” to “negative,” the firm announced Monday, citing dropping enrollments and tuition revenues, as well as unstable leadership throughout the system’s network of seven universities. “The revised negative outlook and rating reflect our view that UMS is experiencing […]

‘This is a real match:’ Final visiting candidate boasts long career

Posted on March 02, 2015 by Sam Hill in News

Harvey Kesselman, the last presidential candidate to visit USM, cited his long history of experience in higher education and the challenges he’s overcome at transforming school at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey as why he’d be a good fit for USM. “This is a real match,” said Kesselman, who currently serves as provost and […]

Presidential race down to two

Posted on March 02, 2015 by Emma James in News

The USM presidential search committee provided Chancellor James Page with the names and assessments of two finalists: Glenn Cummings and Harvey Kesselman. The third candidate, Jose “Zito” Sartarelli, withdrew from the candidacy beforehand. Sartarelli was unavailable to hold an interview at this point in time. Cummings and Kesselman are the final two standing, from a […]

“I don’t want to be anywhere else:” Longtime Mainer seeks USM presidency

Posted on February 19, 2015 by Brian Gordon in News

Glenn Cummings during his visit to USM last week.

Prospective USM president Glenn Cummings met with university leaders last Thursday to discuss how he’d spend his presidency, should he be chosen for the job. Cummings said he is “a product of Maine.” A 12th generation Mainer, he comes from a line of lobstermen, fishermen and his mother worked at Shaw’s for years. He is […]

Girls don’t appreciate creepy pickup strategies: Female students share their worst bar stories

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Francis Flisiuk in News

UMaine Law students Marpheen Chann (LEFT) Toye Akinjiola and Carlos Medina attempt to flirt and chat up an annoyed and non-reciprocating Abby Kohle, a senior communication major in a simulated situation at the Great Lost Bear. This image is meant to highlight the uncomfortable situations that average women may find themselves in while attempting to have a peaceful drink at a bar.

Bar and clubs are usually the stereotypical hot spots to pick up women and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, the nightlife in Portland is sure to be filled with thirsty dudes looking for some last minute love. But how do women feel about that? Based on the experiences of several female students the general […]

The lesser known history of Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Francis Flisiuk in News

Some of Libby Bischof’s private collection of vintage Valentine’s Day cards from the 19th century, when the mass sending of love messages gained popularity. One card reads: “When thou art near, the rose doth seem less fair, the lily pale is shorn of baff its grace, I only see the glory of thy hair. I only know the beauty of thy face, thy presence gladdens like the vernal year, and it is always May, when thou art near.”

Over priced roses and heart shaped pieces of plastic have adorned department store shelves, signifying that the ancient fertility festival of Lupercalia is almost upon us. But of course, most modern Americans know it as Valentine’s Day. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 62% of American adults celebrated the holiday of love and romance last […]