National Album Review: “The Age of Reason” by Gramatik

Posted on February 03, 2014 by Francis Flisiuk in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture, Uncategorized

The Age of Reason defies standards in electronic music albums featuring 15 dynamic tracks that are rich in innovation and variety. The Slovenian born DJ Gramatik, whose real name is Denis Jasarevic, has been busy creating his own record label Lowtemp and crafting this gem of an album that’s been released after much anticipation. The […]

Album Review: Black Radio 2 by The Robert Glasper Experiment

Posted on November 04, 2013 by Sam Hill in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture

Black Radio 2, released last Tuesday by the Robert Glasper Experiment, is at the forefront of a new genre-blending movement. This album is more than a just few tracks with good musicality, it represents an emerging musical culture. Building off of the enormous success garnered by Black Radio released in 2012, Glasper continues to channel […]

National Review: B-Room, this old dog’s tricks are good enough

Posted on October 09, 2013 by dkelly in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture

B-Room, released last Monday by rock band Dr. Dog, is less than adventurous, but who cares? This release is a continuation of what Dr. Dog is best at: churning out catchy indie-rock tracks that don’t require much intellectual capacity but are infinitely fun to listen to. The best thing about B-Room is its familiarity. These […]

Local Review: Change by Pallaso and The Mess

Posted on September 23, 2013 by Sam Hill in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture

Change, released last Saturday by the Lewiston based rappers. Pallaso and The Mess, takes Ugandan influence and incorporates elements of popular American music. Pallaso, a Ugandan-raised rapper formerly known as Pius Lizard and Pius Mayanja, released several cuts in his home country and has shared the stage with the likes of Sean Paul and soca […]

National Review: #willpower by

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Sam Hill in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture

Let’s just say that’s fourth solo album #willpower will never be trending on Twitter, despite its not-so-subtle marketing scheme of the album’s title. You’d think after founding the Black Eyed Peas, releasing three previous solo albums, winning seven Grammy Awards and being given the position of creative director of innovation at Intel Corporation that […]

National Review: Indicud by Kid Cudi

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Sam Hill in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture, Music

Kid Cudi tweeted last June that his next release, Indicud, would be his own version of Dr. Dre’s 2001. Sounds like it’d be quite the undertaking, right? Well it seems Cudi forgot when he started this project that, unlike Dre, he’s a really weird dude. Indicud opens up with a heavy instrumental track titled “The […]

Local Album Review: Burrow by Max Garcia Conover

Posted on April 16, 2013 by Sam Hill in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture

Guys with guitars are a dime a dozen. Who cares how good their “Wonderwall” covers are, you just don’t want to deal with them, right? Well, let’s just say if Maine-based songwriter Max Garcia Conover showed up at a party offering to play songs off of his full-length debut album Burrow, you wouldn’t tell him […]

National Album Review: Tell Where I Lie by Fossil Collective

Posted on April 16, 2013 by Sam Hill in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture

Fossil Collective’s debut album Tell Where I Lie is a great listen, but it’s not anything you haven’t heard before. The duo Jonny Hooker and David Fendick have been toeing the line of commercial success with this band for years now, gaining internet buzz and collecting a slew of followers on essentially every social media […]

National Album Review: Cardboard Castles by Watsky

Posted on April 02, 2013 by Sam Hill in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture

Cardboard Castles is a gem. Rapper George Watsky masterfully blends the wisdom from his spoken word poetry with a collection of colorful instrumentals, balancing his roles as poet and rapper and adding a unique brand of comedy to each track. The self-proclaimed “pale kid that raps fast” has often been pegged as more of a […]

National Album Review: Ordinary People by Olu

Posted on January 28, 2013 by Sam Hill in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture

Riding high off internet buzz and armed with a surprising work ethic, Cleveland rapper Olu has given his fans what they’ve been asking for. Ordinary People is a full-length album that, like his previous releases, is full of first-rate lyricism, a varied collection of beats from underground producers and tracks that appeal to the tastes […]