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Kalikow to step down from presidency at USM and begin working at system-level

Posted on July 08, 2014 by Sam Hill in Uncategorized

President Thedora Kalikow at a campus-wide meeting in March where where discussed the urban metropolitan university vision which is to be implemented at USM. Today it was announced that she will be stepping down from her presidency to take a role at the system-level.

Theodora Kalikow will be stepping down from her presidency at USM in ten days, according to a press release sent by Dan Demerit, the director of public affairs for the University of Maine System. Kalikow will work throughout the remainder of her existing employment contract as an acting vice chancellor at the system-level and will be undertaking […]

Student Life lays off Portland director Christopher O’Connor in downsizing efforts

Posted on July 08, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

Christopher O'Connor, the former director of Portland Student Life, said that he was somewhat relieved to be laid off and didn't want student protesters to fight for his job.

The department of Student Life announced recently that it would be eliminating the director of Portland Student Life position in an effort to downsize amidst recent budget cuts. Christopher O’Connor, the now former director, said he could feel something going on within the department and that he almost expected being laid off. “The way the […]

USM makes list of nation’s most expensive colleges, official says data is out-of-date

Posted on July 02, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

USM is one of the nation’s most expensive public four-year colleges for in-state students according to a recent report published by the U.S. Department of Education. USM was ranked 23rd in the public four-year college category with a net price — the amount that students paid after receiving grants and scholarships — of $18,177 a […]

Students for #USMFuture launch #NoMoreNice campaign with $10,000 crowdfunding goal

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

Students for #USMFuture organizers Jules Purnell (left), Meaghan LaSala (front right) and Caroline O'Connor (front back) after leading a march throughout the streets of Portland to protest USM budget cuts in April. The group announced their new #NoMoreNice campaign last week.

Students for #USMFuture have launched a new campaign called #NoMoreNice in response to recent measures taken by the administration to balance the university’s budget. In a statement released to Bangor Daily News blogger Chris Schorr, the group announced that they would be launching a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of $10,000 to finance an independent […]

President Kalikow announces final balanced FY15 budget, last $2.5 million in cuts

Posted on June 16, 2014 by Sam Hill in Uncategorized

President Thedora Kalikow in Hannaford Hall during a public meeting in March.

President Theodora Kalikow announced the final round of cuts needed to balance the budget for fiscal year 2015 on Friday and opened up discussion for future cuts for fiscal year 2016 and beyond. In an email to USM staff, Kalikow said the $14 million gap between expenses and revenues for FY15 has been closed and […]

Student health insurance to be required come next semester

Posted on April 28, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

Lisa Belanger explained next year’s changes to the student health insurance plan to the Student Senate at their April 18 meeting.

The University of Maine System will require proof of health insurance before students enroll in classes beginning next fall. The new Student Health Insurance Policy will kick in this August and eligible students will automatically be enrolled in the program and have the $942 annual premium cost added to their student account. “There is a […]

Senate tables reduced budget, will continue to work on it

Posted on April 28, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

Elizabeth Martin (right) and Jason Blanco (left) are the clerk and treasurer respectively at last Friday’s Student Senate meeting. Blanco asked that the budget be tabled soon after the meeting began.

The semester may be coming to an end, but the Student Government Association is still working on their biggest task–– passing next year’s budget. Due to low enrollment at the university, there were less student activity funds for the senate to work with than the previous semester. An emergency meeting to balance the budget took […]

Residential Life says goodbye to Dickey-Wood

Posted on April 21, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

The Dickey-Wood towers have been USM dorms since the ‘70s. They were under enrolled when they were first used and have stayed unpopular.

Come next semester, Dickey Wood Hall will be entirely offline to students. Due to a combination of low on-campus enrollment and the unpopularity of the towers, they will remain empty during the next school year and possibly beyond. “We’ve made this decision for now, but we’re not entirely sure what’s going to happen in the […]

New student body president pushes to dissolve BSO

Posted on April 21, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

Board of Student Organizations’ Chair Katie Belgard hosted a meeting in the Woodbury Campus Center amphitheater last Tuesday for students to provide imput on the resolution that would dissolve the BSO. Few students were available to meet, and Belgard noted lack of attendance as a reason for inefficiency in BSO.

After 23 years of controlling student activity fee funding for student groups, the Board of Student Organizations may be stripped of its financial responsibilities, putting that power back into the hands of the Student Senate exclusively. According to Student Senate chair Joshua Dodge, the BSO was originally developed so that the senate wouldn’t be overwhelmed […]

#USMFuture pledges to keep it up

Posted on April 14, 2014 by Sam Hill in News

Meaghan LaSala spoke at Thursday’s rally before the group marches down Congress Street.

#USMFuture protesters were thrilled Friday when President Theo Kalikow reversed all twelve faculty cuts made in mid-March, but the protests’ organizers assured the Free Press, even with summer break quickly approaching, they have no plans to let up on protest efforts. LaSala said that while the members of the movement are excited for the decision […]