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Congress fights battles without regard for citizens

Posted on November 11, 2013 by jensmith in Perspectives

Congress members are out of touch with the constituents they serve. This is apparent from the impasse in communication that caused the federal government to screech to a halt affecting millions of Americans. The abrupt halt in government was not really about the deficit: the deficit rhetoric was merely a guise for Republicans to try […]

USM’s labs to get a makeover thanks to Q2

Posted on November 11, 2013 by jensmith in News

Last Tuesday’s election may not have been the flashiest or most controversial, but the passage of one of the referendum questions on the ballot is good news for USM. University of Maine System Chancellor James Page thanked voters for the passage of Question 2, the bond issue for funding for STEM classroom and lab renovations […]

“Politics Then and Now” becomes a “then”

Posted on November 11, 2013 by jensmith in News

Maine house of representatives minority leader Kenneth Fredette (left) and USM professor of political science Amy Fried (right) both spoke at the final event of the “Politics Then and Now, In Maine and the Nation.” They discussed campaign funding and the current political climate in Maine, among other subjects.

The Muskie School of Public Service and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute hosted its last presentation in the series “Politics Then and Now, In Maine and the Nation” for 2013, which began in September. Next March, they will have gubernatorial candidates speak. Former state Senator Cynthia Dill, Representative Kenneth Fredette, the current Republican leader in the […]

How much do you know about Tuesday’s election?

Posted on November 04, 2013 by jensmith in Election coverage, News

The Free Press asked 100 students from both Gorham and Portland about the upcoming election. Of those 100 students, 52 did not know there was a state election on Tuesday, and of the students who knew about the election, more than a third weren’t familiar with the state referendum questions . Most of the students […]

Last week’s missing keys continue to make waves

Posted on November 04, 2013 by jensmith in News

The second phase of the response to the university’s lost set of keys has begun, but it is unclear when it will end. Monies for key replacements and additional hours of labor will come from the yearly budget for large repair and renewal projects for which USM budgets yearly. Some of these funds can be […]

Faculty Commons opens to mixed reactions

Posted on October 07, 2013 by jensmith in News

Two weeks ago the Faculty Commons made its debut, a $30,000 project funded by donations and reallocated faculty development funds. According to Judith Spross, one of the faculty members spearheading this endeavor, Provost Michael Stevenson went back to old documents pointing to faculty interest in a space for shared ideas and cooperation—as the Faculty Commons […]