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Red Medicine’s debut does DIY right

Posted on February 27, 2011 by Jakob Battick in Album Reviews

Red Medicine’s eponymous debut album is a progressive and razor sharp trek through the last twenty years of experimental rock music. These University of Maine at Farmington kids cut a wide swath through the legacies of math-rock and post-hardcore, picking up whatever strikes their fancy along the way and re-combining it all into a wildly […]

The ‘surrealist madness’ of Portland’s Id M Theft Able

Posted on February 26, 2011 by Jakob Battick in Album Reviews

Id M Theft Able, arguably Portland’s most prominent noise musician, has a swirling blur of a sound that is as disorienting as it is fascinating. He builds massive sonic barrages out of samples from discarded twenty-five cent LPs, spastic vocal improvisation and heavily manipulated cassette recordings. This is the sort of Noise (With a capital […]

The rustic entrapment of Wesley Allen Hartley and the Traveling Trees

Posted on February 07, 2011 by Jakob Battick in Album Reviews

I haven’t stopped listening to “Don’t Peel Your Bloomers Off Just Yet” by Wesley Allen Hartley and the Traveling Trees since I got it half a year ago. It’s a gorgeous and devastating album written by a transplanted Texan with one of the most beautiful voices you’ll hear in Maine. The Traveling  Trees, in addition, […]

Planets Around the Sun’s ’embryonic unconcious’

Posted on January 31, 2011 by Jakob Battick in Album Reviews

“Tower” is a collection of unreleased recordings from local drone-improv giants Planets Around the Sun. The opener and title track begins as a mid-paced, mind-bent psychedelic processional and then dismantles itself into a cloud of swirling, ghostly voices and guitar fuzz before slowly receding into silence. The whole track is soaked in a dense haze, […]

Planets Around the Sun

Posted on January 31, 2011 by Jakob Battick in Arts & Culture

Planets Around the Sun is a loose collective of sound-makers from Portland, Maine that centers around the central axis of main players Ian Paige, Matt Lajoie and Caitlin King (simply known as “CK”). All three members share instrumental duties, but no one is assigned specifically to any instrument. Their sound is a warped river of […]

Vermont-based Seth Gallant goes back to basics

Posted on January 24, 2011 by Jakob Battick in Arts & Culture

Seth Gallant is a 25-year-old songwriter born and raised in Rumford, ME. Presently, he calls Burlington, Vt. his home. “I really love the solitude [in Rumford]. Sometimes I’ll take a week off and spend it there mellowing out and playing music,” he said. In person, Gallant is soft-spoken and kind. He mostly keeps to himself, […]

Gallant release impresses with maturity

Posted on January 24, 2011 by Jakob Battick in Album Reviews

“Nothing, This Makes Sense” is Seth Gallant’s latest release, despite being issued in early 2010. The album begins with a gorgeous piece of arranged minimalist guitar work, recalling one of the more austere mid-90s slowcore acts, Bedhead. The piece contains a gentle melody and spacing between the many guitars on the track, making them breathe […]

Tiger Saw releases its finest gem

Posted on December 06, 2010 by Jakob Battick in Album Reviews

Dylan Metrano, the visionary behind New England collective Tiger Saw, is one of the East Coast’s best kept musical secrets. Though a steady buzz and certain level of acclaim has been building since their inception in 1999, they haven’t really broken into the level of cultural visibility they deserve. Tiger Saw’s fifth and latest album, […]

Olas brings flamenco world sound

Posted on November 15, 2010 by Jakob Battick in Album Reviews

Chriss Sutherland, a founding member of local legends Cerberus Shoal and Fire on Fire, recently made his latest musical step in the form of Olas, a flamenco-soaked world music outfit. Their debut album, “La Perla,” is a rich collection of songs informed by an eclectic body of folk traditions. From the first few moments of […]

Selbyville brings 2-CD experiment

Posted on November 08, 2010 by Jakob Battick in Album Reviews

Local trio Selbyville recently released a lovely double CD package via their new imprint, Tea First Records. Over the course of these two discs (and believe me, they’re packed with sound) Artie Fischer, Derek Kimball and Michael Kamin display true musical diversity and a deep desire to explore highly-experimental territory. “Quiet Until the Thaw” is […]