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PEB and GEB merger shot down by student senate

Posted on November 24, 2014 by dakotawing in News

More than 100 students marched into the board of trustees meeting last week to protest recent faculty and program eliminations. Students flooded into the Sullivan Gym shouting “invest in USM” and “stop the cuts” while the trustees were taking their lunch break. “I would be concerned if you weren’t here because that would show your […]

Student profile: A commuter for community

Posted on April 21, 2014 by dakotawing in News

As a USM freshman, Brendan Butler is a brother in the Phi Mu Delta fraternity, a member of two active bands and organizing a dance marathon that will take place in Gorham next November.

Brendan Butler is first year student with a lot going on. He has not yet declared a major, but is already a member of the Phi Mu Delta fraternity, is a part of two bands, and has participated in many shows and community service activities. He has aspirations to make changes at USM and wants […]

Recent grads discuss their level of career preparation post-USM

Posted on April 14, 2014 by dakotawing, Kirsten Sylvain, and Sidney Dritz in News

Recent graduate Phil Shelley (right) has been active in efforts organized by the #USMFuture group to oppose faculty cuts and call for funding reform throughout Maine’s public university system. The photo above was taken last Thursday at a rally in Monument Square, Portland, which culminated in a march. Shelley told the Free Press that he was concerned that the recent cuts could devalue a USM degree.

One of the arguments made by protesters of the recently retracted faculty layoffs and the still slated for elimination program is that such cuts will significantly devalue a USM degree. “That’s the sort of thing that I worry about as a reality as I apply for grad school,” said Philip Shelley, who graduated in December. […]

First USM Career Week attended by few

Posted on February 14, 2014 by dakotawing in News

Attendance at Husky Career Week events last week at USM was limited. Student Success and Student Life on the Portland and Gorham campuses teamed up to plan this first-time week of events in anticipation of this Wednesday’s job fair. Rodney Mondor, student success coordinator for the Portland campus, said Career Week is a response to […]

Tar sands oil debate hits USM

Posted on February 03, 2014 by dakotawing in News

The debate over tar sands landed on USM’s doorstep last Friday as hundreds gathered in the Hannaford Lecture Hall to discuss the transportation of the controversial resource. The event was sponsored by 350 Maine in partnership with the Natural Resource Council of Maine. 350 Maine is a grassroots organization dedicated to solving the crisis of […]

The Free Press: Top 5 gifts for under $20

Posted on December 09, 2013 by dakotawing, and Sidney Dritz in News

With the holidays fast approaching, it can be hard to figure out what to get for everyone on your list. There are the big players—family, close friends, but what about that girl down the hall who you didn’t think you were that close with, but who got you something? What about your lab partner who […]

Students have mixed reactions to renovations

Posted on November 11, 2013 by dakotawing in News

The signs directing visitors to university buildings are some of the series of renovations that have taken place at USM this fall.

According to Executive Director of Facilities Management Robert Bertram over $7 million has been spent on renovation projects at USM this calendar year. This number will increase to over $12 million when the projects are totally finished. Some of the most recent projects have been the installation of the stamped asphalt outside Luther Bonney Hall […]

A Gorham and Portland events boards update

Posted on October 29, 2013 by dakotawing in News

The Portland Events Board has been hosting and co-hosting multiple events during this fall semester, such as ziplining at the Husky Games and co-hosting the rooftop movie night on the parking garage. In addition they co-hosted a roller skating event last week with the Gorham Events Board. Next week the PEB will be giving out […]

Students combine art and science at CI2 lab

Posted on October 22, 2013 by dakotawing in News

Assistant professor of design science and fine arts Raphael Diluzio and his CI2 lab are trying something new, working to combine fine arts with hard sciences. Diluzio runs the CI2 lab in which he is attempting to incorporate technology into the arts in the form of digital media. He was given an National Science Foundation […]

From the student senate:

Posted on October 07, 2013 by dakotawing in News

At Friday’s student senate meeting, student body Vice President Marpheen Chann announced an event in response to the direction package called, “Student Vision 2013.” Chief Student Success Officer Susan Campbell gave an informational presentation to the senate about searches for new positions at the university. One of the three positions that the university hopes to […]