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The quest for the perfect internship

Posted on September 25, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Misadventures In Portland, Perspectives

Amanda Pleau is on a quest.

In my first Misadventures column, I had no idea what my major was or when I’d graduate. I would tell people that my major was self-designed and called “not sucking at life.” Now I’m a senior majoring in media studies  with an internship–like workstudy job at the Public Affairs Office and it feels like I’m not […]

Local Top 5: Portland Nightlife Staples

Posted on September 02, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Arts & Culture

Portland is home to a number of bars, restaurants and music venues that give the city of a personality of its own.

1.) Sangillo’s: Sangillo’s is Portland’s quintessential neighborhood bar. The clientele ranges from lifelong Munjoy Hill residents to artsy young people from the nearby colleges — some patrons are boisterous and friendly, others keep to themselves. But there are two thing you’ll always find at this hole in the wall regardless of the night’s clientele: $1.50 jello shots and […]

Local Top Five: Breakfasts for the morning after

Posted on June 10, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Arts & Culture

Fresh fruits are a great addition to summer breakfasts

1.) The Front Room: This Munjoy Hill establishment has the best Bloody Mary’s in town, hands down. You could practically make a salad with all the garnishes. Thick sliced bacon and real maple syrup do their best to make up for the hour-plus waits on weekends, so it might be best to save a visit […]

Pleau: My own private project runway

Posted on May 01, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Misadventures In Portland

Amanda Pleau is hitting the runway for WMPG’s annual charity fashion show. But first, she’ll be hitting the gym and watching her calories.

Local Top Five: Bagels

Posted on April 29, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Arts & Culture

Portland has many hidden gems for bagel connoisseurs

1.) Rosemont Market and Bakery, Sea Salt Bagel: These are not New York bagels. But baked fresh every day, they are fluffier and lighter, softer on the outside and every bit as satisfying. For only 95 cents, these tasty morsels are just about perfect. Staff writer Amanda Pleau reports that patrons have been known to […]

My state-sponsored shopping cart

Posted on April 18, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Perspectives

FDR Memorial in Washington, D.C.

As a broke student, Amanda Pleau decided to apply for food stamps. Now she’s grappling with the stigma of going on welfare.

Deciphering Bieber-mania with ‘Never Say Never’

Posted on March 13, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Arts & Culture, Movie Reviews

I had never even heard a Justin Bieber song from beginning to end. I had heard a lot about him and his haircut, but I’m not in middle school, and I don’t subscribe to Teen Beat.

Ventures into the blogosphere

Posted on March 07, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Misadventures In Portland

My blog nearly ruined a date once, along with an Emmy-winning cinematographer overeager to protect his reputation. We were having the standard “getting to know you” conversation over an afternoon pizza. My blog was about to be featured on the cover of the Portland Daily Sun, and I was excited. Mr. Emmy didn’t agree, and […]

E.P. McKnight’s ‘I Question America’ performed at USM

Posted on February 24, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Arts & Culture, Theatre

E.P. McKnight performed a one-woman play about the story of Fannie Lou Hamer, an important player from the civil rights movement at USM on Feb. 16 in celebration of Black History Month. Hamer’s story is captivating, and although Knight’s performance was passionate at times, her writing left something to be desired. It was well attended, […]

Drinking like it’s your job – and on it

Posted on February 13, 2011 by Amanda Pleau in Misadventures In Portland

It started innocently enough. I was living off of St. John Street, right next to Pizza Villa. If you’ve never been there, Pizza Villa is awesome. It’s dive-y, the meatballs are amazing and the beer is really cheap. Very soon after I landed a new job waiting tables, I was moving far, far away from […]