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King and Pingree have my vote this election

Posted on October 29, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Henry's Head, Perspectives

This election season, the candidates are as varied as ever. After countless hours of sifting through the state-level election information and candidate websites, speaking to other voters, and watching campaign videos, I’m proud to endorse Chellie Pingree for Congress and Angus King for U.S. Senate. I endorse Chellie Pingree because she represents a wholesome, forward-thinking […]

Chellie Pingree believes in the future of Maine

Posted on October 29, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Perspectives

Andrew Henry: Why did you decide to get into politics? Chellie Pingree: I was in high school during the Vietnam War, and I was engaged in the anti-war protests of my own generation, but I ended up looking to Maine and kind of stopped being quite so involved in politics. I ended up studying organic […]

Don’t discriminate – vote “yes” on Question One

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Henry's Head, Perspectives

Of the questions appearing on the Nov. 6 Maine election ballot, none have received more attention than Question 1, on the legalization of gay marriage. The issue has had a significant push, because it did not pass during the last election, and there seems to be a stronger base of voters that support it this […]

Online education will see expansion at USM

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Uncategorized

Online education is alive and thriving both at USM and across the country. In fact, it’s so successful here at USM that the board of trustees has proposed expanding USM’s adult and online education sectors. Is there a chance, though, that the proposed plan would have negative repercussions on more standard, in-class learning? –Not necessarily. […]

The Discovery Channel’s duplicate shows a disappointment

Posted on October 02, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Henry's Head, Perspectives

Every once in a while, I really enjoy turning off my brain and slipping into couch-potato mode. I usually sit on my couch, turn on the TV and head to the guide to find out what’s on so I can unwind, but more and more often, I find that activity is stress-inducing rather than smile-inducing. […]

The Politics of Being a New Voter

Posted on September 28, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Henry's Head, Perspectives

Constructing a political stance to cast a vote in an election is a task that every voter encounters. Such a task is paramount to new voters who haven’t had the opportunity to vote in anything, short of their high school’s “class superlatives.” A presidential election can be a mighty confusing area of politics for a […]

The smartphone schism: Apple shakes up phone world, again

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Henry's Head, Perspectives

With the official announcement of the iPhone 5 during Apple’s Sept. 12 press event, the technology world is flooded with excitement, but for every thousand people who buy one, there’s at least one who steps back and surveys what the iPhone has done to the masses. This time around, it’s me. There was a time […]

Steroids and superstardom: exemplar athletes a dying breed

Posted on September 17, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Perspectives

Great athletes are an inspiration, and it’s part of the human experience to idolize them. Average Joes outnumber the professional athletes million(s) to one. Considering this fact, it’s only natural that we would look up to someone who can do things that we could never do. I was a 3-season athlete in high school, and […]

A letter from the president

Posted on September 10, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Uncategorized

New president of The University of Southern Maine Theodora Kalikow.

Dear Students: We share something in common. I am also adjusting to a new schedule at the opening of the academic year. As you may know, I was the president at the University of Maine at Farmington, retired and then was appointed USM’s new president earlier this summer. Last Friday, I gave my first major presentation to faculty and […]

A letter from your Student-Body President

Posted on September 10, 2012 by Andrew Henry in Letter to the Editor, Perspectives

New student-body president TJ Williams.

Fellow Huskies, Welcome back from summer! I hope you all have had a great and relaxing past few months. If this is your first semester at USM, I want to welcome you to the University and I hope you enjoy your time here. Within the upcoming year, I have a couple of priority projects. First off, the Brooks […]