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May Day show at SPACE to support Russian punk band Pussy Riot

Posted on April 27, 2012 by Anna Flemke in Uncategorized

Donning a colorful array of leggings, clothing and masks, the Russian anarchist punk band Pussy Riot takes the stage. Guitars and microphones in hand, the group dances wildly while chanting the words, “Virgin Mary, become feminist/ Virgin Mary, drive Putin away!” Called a “Punk Prayer” by Pussy Riot, the song’s lyrics sound like most radical […]

Local Top 5: Brunch Hotspots

Posted on April 22, 2012 by Anna Flemke in Arts & Culture

1.) Local 188: We dare you to find a breakfast burrito in downtown Portland that can compare to Local 188’s — perfectly cooked eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, black beans and market-fresh spinach make it a true front-runner in the Portland brunch circuit. But it doesn’t stop there. The extensive brunch menu also offers huevos rancheros and […]

A green thumbs up to indoor gardening

Posted on April 13, 2012 by Anna Flemke in Arts & Culture

John Miley a former USM student and current manager at Evergreen Gardening Center located at 301 Forest Ave., displays one of the many lighting options available to patrons interested in indoor gardening.

Abby Lucas used to not like her dorm room. The double-single in Dickey Wood Hall felt strange and plain; there wasn’t much personality or a sense of comfort. A first-year media studies major, Lucas decided to spruce up her room by adding two basil plants. “Now people compliment me on my room a lot. I […]

Ice cream sundaes and Irish whiskey with the Food Coma TV crew

Posted on April 06, 2012 by Anna Flemke in Arts & Culture

Food Coma TV host Joe Ricchio and his cohort Joel Beauchamp share an intimate moment over a cocktail at The Frog & Turtle, a gastropub located in Westbrook. The webseries, which got its start as a popular food blog by Ricchio, is about to debut its second season this Sunday at Nosh on 551 Congress St. with an after party taking place at SPACE on 538 Congress St.

“No one in this car has a DUI, do they?” It’s just after 9:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and Alex Steed poses this question to a few unsuspecting passengers. With a full day of drinking ahead and a long ride home, the question is more than appropriate. After a moment of awkward silence, the […]

A new take on the old craft of printmaking

Posted on March 30, 2012 by Anna Flemke in Arts & Culture

The texture of paper, the smell of ink, the crank of the press. For printmakers, these are more than just sensations. The act of printmaking is a multifaceted experience: one that ties the body and the mind. In Portland, a community of printmakers is working to bypass conventions of the art form. Amy McIntire, a […]

Popular Portland restaurant, Silly’s, gets a new ‘Twist’

Posted on March 09, 2012 by Anna Flemke in Arts & Culture

Renee Ledoux, an employee at the newly opened Silly’s With a Twist, working behind the restaurant’s bar. The newest addition to the Silly’s family is located at 40 Washington St. next to the original Silly’s Restaurant. In addition to the traditional Silly’s menu, “The Twist” also offers a late-night menu.

Malt! Who goes there? No, it’s not a typo. Loaded with Bailey’s Irish Cream, chocolate, malt and coffee, “Malt! Who goes there?” is one of the many cleverly-named cocktails offered at Silly’s With a Twist, the latest addition to Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood. Located at 40 Washington Ave., Silly’s With a Twist opened in the […]

No rest for Portland foodies during Maine Restaurant Week

Posted on March 01, 2012 by Anna Flemke in Arts & Culture

Petite Jacqueiline’s fluke meuniere, one of three available second courses available during Maine Restaurant Week.

Winter blues got you down? If you love memorable food, noteworthy dining experiences and contributing to a good cause, the fourth annual Maine Restaurant Week can help relieve your cabin fever. From now until March 10, restaurants throughout the state have an opportunity to showcase their dishes at budget-friendly prices. At some fine dining establishments […]

Whether it’s your sweet heart or sweet tooth, Portland’s got you covered

Posted on February 09, 2012 by Anna Flemke in Arts & Culture

Portland Candy Co. and various other stores across the city of Portland are preparing for Valentine's Day with sweet confections — and even sweeter sales.

Whether you’re looking to play it safe this Valentine’s Day or take a walk on the wild side, Portland candy shops have something to offer everyone. Like every gift-giving holiday, however, last-minute shopper syndrome is prevalent. If you need Cupid’s arrow to remind you not to procrastinate, there might be some dangerously tasty consequences.

Ambition key to the growing community of Maine graphic designers

Posted on January 21, 2012 by Anna Flemke in Arts & Culture

Sean Wilkinson and Arielle Walrath of Might & Main in their offices located at 28 Maple St. in Portland.

The state of Maine holds few educational options for budding graphic designers, but that hasn’t stopped Portland’s creative community from blossoming. Portland is home to numerous design agencies, including iBec Creative at 408 Fore St., The Via Agency at 619 Congress St. and Burgess Advertising and Marketing at 1290 Congress St. Each agency offers a variety of design services for print, […]

Despite low residential enrollment, GEB continues to evolve

Posted on December 04, 2011 by Anna Flemke in Arts & Culture

A group of students sit around a poker table in the Hastings Formal Lounge in Gorham. Events like Thursday night's Casino Night were created by the GEB due to student completed surveys filled in at previous events.

The narrative for the events held by the Gorham Events Board has been the same for the past few years: low student turnout, and even lower enthusiasm, has plagued the student-run activities board. This semester however, the GEB has been working to increase the interest of students and event turnout, by bringing new and unique programming to the Gorham […]