Ways to Stay Comfortable on Hikes

It’s one thing to see natural landscapes in photos; it’s another thing entirely to trek through them yourself. If you love the outdoors and want to immerse yourself in it, hiking is a great pastime to start. When you’re feeling stressed with the burdens of classes and constant sitting, a hike allows you to refresh yourself. But while it’s a lot of fun, your experience can be marred if you go unprepared and fall victim to some safety oversights. Think about these ways to stay comfortable on hikes so that you can appreciate them to their fullest.

Carry a Light Load

Carrying a lot doesn’t seem like such a big deal when you don’t have to sustain it for very long. When you are walking many miles over rough terrain, however, it will start to tire you out. You should, therefore, pack a light load so that you don’t get unnecessarily sore. You can achieve this by getting a lightweight backpack and cutting down your supplies to only what you absolutely need. For instance, you may take a jacket that can be folded and packed in a small space. If you know that there will be water sources around, you might bring a smaller water bottle but then carry purification tablets so you can refill partway through the journey.

Wear the Right Clothing

Temperature impacts how you should approach a hike. Adjust your clothing to stay cool in warmer weather and warm in cooler weather. Don’t make the mistake of exposing too much skin on long hikes, though, as you’ll make yourself more susceptible to the UV light. Wear loose synthetic articles that cover you up and wick away sweat. In the cold, you should layer synthetics closest to your skin, then an insulating jacket, and then a waterproof outer jacket. This will keep you dry from sweat and the elements while maintaining your warmth. In any temperature, you should choose the appropriate hiking boots that are waterproof and provide traction. They should also have ample room for your toes and foot width so that you can walk naturally and securely.


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