Courtesy of Do More Productions

By: Abby Nelson, Staff Writer

Nate Moore and Angela Dubois are senior students completing their communications/media studies majors this spring. In preparation for leaving USM and entering the workforce, most seniors are tasked with creating a project that encompasses their knowledge of their chosen fields. For this project, Moore and Dubois teamed together to start a video production company.

“We’re looking to do the same thing, so we just decided to do it together,” said Dubois. Do More Production Company became the result. They began to plan for and create their project at the beginning of the semester. Since then, they have made a Facebook and Instagram page, and are currently working on their business plan.

The main goal in their business plan is to start in Portland and branch out from there. Both Moore and Dubois have done freelance work for 3-4 years and have accumulated several different clients. By working together, they have been able to bring in their existing clients and reach new ones together.

They have done several videos for local restaurants, breweries, food trucks, live musical performances, narrative work and commercials, as well as several others. One of their favorite video production experiences was the “Battle of the Bands”, an event where local bars host bands from the area to come and compete against each other. Despite their preferences, both Moore and Dubois agreed they are always open to anything.

However, the startup of their company has seen difficulties. “As students, it’s hard to find the time to put your all into it,” said Dubois. In addition to working other jobs and being in school, finding time to devote to their company has been a struggle. Time is not the only hurdle being a student has caused. “We’re still in school so people see us as students and expect us to do stuff for free,” said Moore. Coming up with prices for their videos and work has been difficult to decide. They can’t charge professional rates yet as students, but they also won’t work for free.

Pricing is just one of the several aspects they need to iron out before their company is complete. However, they are well on their way. Moore and Dubois are currently working on a website and creating a logo. Once that is complete, they can work on creating ads for their company to get the word out. “The next step is to create a client base and get people to know us so we become their go-to’s,’ said Moore.

Both Moore and Dubois have come a long way in their video productions careers to get them to this point. Neither one of them started as a communications/media studies major. “I wanted to be a lawyer, then a nutritionist, and then a writer,” said Dubois. “But then I got into video production and was like yeah, this is what I want to do.” Moore had a similar story. He started on a psychology/sociology track but had always made short videos. As the years passed, he became skilled enough that people would ask him to make one for them. Eventually, he decided to make it his major.

Since then, they have both excelled in their fields which has given them the experience to begin their company. A long-term goal Moore and Dubois have for their company is to be able to travel. “I’ve always wanted to be able to travel and work,” said Moore.



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