Podcast Profile: Kyle Bostock

By: Ryan Farrell, Staff Writer

Kyle Bostock is the creator and producer of Breaking Down with DJ Mirage, a podcast on WMPG’s website that focuses on music album interpretations. Although his main focus is centered around short film and audio work, Bostock discovered his passion for podcasting at USM.

Bostock is a senior majoring in media studies and has been attending classes at USM for two years. He first discovered WMPG when he was searching the campus for information regarding radio stations. Bostock was fortunate enough to come across WMPG and began his training in radio and podcasting. 

While at WMPG, Bostock created his podcast Breaking Down with DJ Mirage. The podcast discusses music albums and converts them into story narratives with plotlines and characters. Bostock generally records, edits and mixes an episode a day. Each episode crafts an interpretation from a song on the album and develops it into a story. Throughout a season, Bostock gives a critique of the album while also developing a unique narrative,

“I really want to inspire people to look at albums and music in a more narrative way.” 

His initial inspiration came from the album Currents by Tame Impala, a concept album with a loose plotline. His podcast expands on this concept with unique characters and plotlines, taking the listener from one song to the next. Bostock said that this template is harder to implement in albums that already have clear stories. 

While some albums require more imagination than others, Bostock emphasizes the importance of interpretation. Bostock is currently recording his third season but has seasons four and five already written out. He expects to release them throughout this year.

Bostock’s podcasting ability has improved during his two years of experience. He said that one of his greatest challenges was making time for practice runs:

“A huge thing is warming up. I would take 15-20 minutes, if you’re starting a podcast, just doing tongue twisters and vocal exercises. It’s really helping you kind of get to a place where you can calmly go from point to point.”

Bostock said that failing to do this results in an inconsistent podcast because the host will need to think of what to say. While this can be fixed in post-production, the audio cuts don’t flow as well together. Bostock believes that adequate prep time helped him improve his overall performance.

After Bostock completes school, he would love to continue integrating podcasting into his life. Once his focus is shifted from school, he hopes that he’ll be able to upload episodes at a more frequent rate. Since WMPG isn’t completely affiliated with the school, Bostock would be able to continue his work at the station. Additionally, Bostock is interested in starting an interview show that would feature local talents and artists.

Bostock’s WMPG podcast Breaking Down with DJ Mirage can be found at: https://www.wmpg.org/podcasts/breaking-down-with-dj-mirage/

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