5 Ways to Protect and Maintain Your Tires

Car repairs can be expensive. Not everyone has extra cash lying around to spend on vehicle repairs, especially college students. The best way to avoid this problem is to take preventative measures. These five ways to protect and maintain your tires will help keep your car free from problems.

Drive Carefully

One of the simplest things you can do to protect your tires is to drive carefully. Speeding over potholes or big bumps can cause severe damage to your tires—they might even pop. It’s also important to drive safely in general.

Clean Your Tires

Cleaning your tires is an important step to ensure they remain protected. Washing your tires with a simple combination of soap and water with a microfiber towel can rid them of dirt. You can clean your tires even further with a bristle brush to get out any debris in the treads.

Use Protectant Products

There are plenty of protectant products on the market that will help prevent damage to your tires. Using wheel protectant products can actually help your tires repel dirt and water, and they can even protect from sun damage. These products also help resist acids and other chemicals, and they’re super easy to apply.

Check the Air Pressure

You must continuously check the air pressure in your tires. You don’t want your air pressure to run low, as this will increase the likelihood one of them will pop. Constantly make sure your tires have enough air in them, so you don’t run into a bad situation.

Get Your Tires Rotated

Rotating your tires is a great way to prevent wear. Wear will inevitably occur; however, it’s important to make sure the tread of your tires is even and one tire isn’t more worn out than another.

These ways to protect and maintain your tires can help prevent damage to your car. The last thing college students need to worry about are car repairs, so utilize these tips. Instead, focus on studying, hang in the quad with your friends, and remember to drive safe!


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