Advancements in Campus Safety Technology

Campus safety is a serious concern for universities across the country. Fortunately, as advancements are made in technology, there are more opportunities for increased security measures, which help protect the safety of everyone on campus.

Security Cameras

One of the many popular technological security features on campuses are security cameras. Such cameras have been used for years to provide video surveillance and serve as a visual deterrent for criminal activity. Security cameras allow campus security officials to watch over the campus and look for any suspicious activity. In doing so, the threat of vandalism, theft, and other crimes decreases.

Improvements in Security Camera Technology

While analog closed-circuit television cameras used to be the main option for campus video surveillance, new developments have resulted in increased efficiency. Currently, there is an option to use IP network cameras. Such cameras can be controlled through a remote network or LAN. As such, they don’t require a separate recording device. This means that campus police will be able to view a feed from any security camera on campus in a centralized command center.

One of the many benefits of this advancement in security camera technology is that campus police will be able to increase the efficiency at which they monitor live feeds and review past videos. In addition, it gives the police more flexibility to monitor the campus without the inconvenience of switching locations.

Various Security Features and Their Connectivity

Additional technological security features include blue light emergency phones, video surveillance cameras, access control systems, and IP phones.

One thing that all these forms of security equipment have in common is that they all require reliable network connectivity. Advancements in ethernet network devices are essential to increase campus security. Such ethernet network devices transport and deliver data to the control room where they are monitored.

Additionally, Power over Ethernet, or PoE, is also necessary to simplify and optimize the power supply which is required to run such power cables. For campus safety technology to work effectively, these advanced features are necessary.

Due to these advancements in campus safety technology, universities across the country can enjoy a safer and more secure environment.


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