Members of the Student Events Association, Donny Agossou, the group’s president, Sheddy Agbonsalo, vice resident and Mario Perry, treasurer. Photo by Noli French

By Hailey Wood, Staff Writer

This week, for the first time in five years, there will be a Spring Fling Concert. The concert is being headlined by Young M.A., B. Aull and Mugen Chopped It.

Spring Fling is a week of events put on every year at USM with the help of departments, student clubs and organizations.

David Lewis, Coordinator of Student Involvement & Activities, said the last event five years ago was unsuccessful due to low attendance. USM students at the time were not interested in events like that one. “No one was asking for them so they put their resources elsewhere,” said Lewis. Since then, Spring Fling went from a one or two day event to the week that it is now.

“Last year was my first year here and people started to ask why don’t we do a spring concert. I did some research and found out we used to do one and some years we did some years we didn’t, but it wasn’t a big commitment.” This year, more students were interested in having a concert.

“The two groups that are helping Student Activities do this is Gorham Campus Activity Board (GCAB) and Student Event Association (SEA). Between the three of us we tag teamed and said, ‘okay, the students are asking for this. Let’s see what we can do,’” Lewis said.

The SEA started three years ago by Donny Agossou, the group’s president, Sheddy Agbonsalo, vice resident and Mario Perry, treasurer.

“We kind of started this off for fun,” Agossou said. “Because you know how USM is pretty dry and there’s not much spirit or inclusion on the campus, and one way to do that is having parties and having fun. It is a big part of the college experience.”

Their first event as a group was Upperclass Banger. “I think the whole elevator got shut down,” said Agossou when remembering the success of it. After that, the SEA was given bigger locations to hold their events.

“I think we just looked at parties more like social events where we play music and people just get to let loose from whatever stresses they have on campus,” Perry said.

Along the way there were struggles with figuring out how to fund the concert. Raising the student activity fees for next year would make future events like this affordable said Perry.

Tickets for the Spring Fling Concert can be purchased online at

This years Spring Fling events are as follows:

Monday, April 22 – Student Activities Presents: Earth Day Celebration 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Woodbury, Portland

Monday, April 22 – IGrad & UCU Presents: Financial Literacy Trivia 8 p.m. in Lower Brooks, Gorham. There will be a $500 Scholarship Prize

Tuesday, April 23 – ROCC Presents: Comedian Patrick Holbert 9 p.m. at Lower Brooks in Gorham

Wednesday, April 24 – CSA Presents: Family Dinner 5 p.m. at Glickman, Portland

Wednesday, April 24 – Students Activities Presents: USM’s Got Talent 8 p.m. in Lower Brooks, Gorham *Pre-registration is required*

Thursday, April 25 – CSA’s: Bagel Breakfast 9 a.m. at Woodbury, Portland

Thursday, April 25 – Student Activities Presents: Avengers: Endgame 8 p.m. Off Campus *Pre-registration is required*

Friday, April 26 – GCAB, S.E.A, & Student Senate Presents: Spring Fling Concert: Featuring Young M.A. 8 p.m. at Field House, Gorham *online sales available*

Saturday, April 27 – CSA Presents: Six Flags Trip 7:30 a.m. Departure in Gorham and 8 a.m. Departure in Portland *Pre-registration is required*

Sunday, April 28 – Residential Life Presents: Moonlight Madness 8 p.m. at Brooks Dining Hall in Gorham


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