By Jessica Pike, Staff Writer

If you’re not sure what major to choose, or you’ve joined a major that sounds good but you can’t choose a specific field of study, then don’t worry: you’re not alone. The Free Press will randomly choose a few students on a weekly basis to explain what their major, why they chose it and who they would recommend it to. Their experiences might help you decide what career path is best for you.

Hannah Kenney

Major: Nursing

Kenney described her major as one “that I can find joy in, being able to care for other people and make sure their comfortable. I like being able to help people, and nursing is a good way to fulfill that,” she said. “It’s neat to see the different things, whether it be in the emergency room or in hospice, and the way it affects people.” Nursing or something in the medical career has always been an option for Kenney, and she recommends it to anyone who also has an urge to help and care for others.

Chasity Pike-Rainey

Major: Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship

“My major is how I learn the ins and outs of business with a focus on innovating my own business,” said Pike-Rainey. “I want to be my own boss and make my own hours. By owning a business, I can leave a mark and create what I want. To choose a business major means you want to create your own environment, open to doing whatever you want and showing your work.” Pike-Rainey only settled on a major after explaining to a neighbor what she wanted to do, and was suggested business.

Jared Vigue

Major: Classical Vocal Performance

“My major is basically about how to perform opera and classical music and learning different vocal techniques,” said Vigue. “ Your undergraduate experience will be spent mastering a personal vocal technique. I chose this because it’s one of the few things I’m exceptionally good at, and not being a great singer shouldn’t stop someone from choosing this because it will help overcome any vocal issues. I also auditioned to a lot of schools, and after hearing the positive feedback and receiving talent scholarships, that made me all the more convinced of my choice.”

Sierra Ryerson

Major: Political Science with a concentration in International Relations

“It’s the study of the field of politics in order to predict outcomes of future voter turnout, for example,” said Ryerson. “I love to travel, and have a passions about learning about other cultures. Especially with this generation, it’s important to have more people who are politically sophisticated to create a more peaceful climate among nations. I started traveling when I was young and worked as a junior intern in Korea, which sparked an interest in traveling and learning about other people.”


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