By Michael Robinson, USM ‘20

Dear Fellow students,

If, like me, you have received numerous emails from USM, USM President Glenn Cummings, the Student Body President, alumni and others attempting to tell you how to vote, you may be wondering, what is so important about Question 4 and why is it “a once-and-a-lifetime investment?” Well here’s the truth, it is not. If Question 4 passes, USM will use 80 percent of the funds, or $19 million dollars for a “student center,” something we already have, often vacant. Simultaneously, students are crammed into housing, there is a shortage of parking, and as you’re acutely aware, classrooms reach unbearable temperatures seasonally. Glenn Cummings says that “Our students and Maine’s economic vitality can’t wait,” but don’t be fooled; similar to the sense of false urgency a salesman imposes to close a deal, so too does your school administration. There is no rush. Bond questions can fail and be rewritten, to better represent you, your needs.

Lastly, please keep in mind that Question 4 isn’t “a win-win for us all,” as the school president has promised. If Question 4 passes, real Maine people, oftentimes those in dire straits, those who need their money most, will be the people held responsible for repaying this bond. Please, for the sake of Maine people, for your own sake, vote “no” on Question 4.

Thank you for your consideration,

Michael Robinson


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