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Your guide to Portland and Gorham campus locations

Posted on August 27, 2018 in Perspectives
By lydialibby

Hannah Lyon
Hannah Lyon

The two most common campus locations can be intimidating, which means you can get lost more than once trying to find your destination. Here is a simple guide to help you find your way.


Our office is one of the small white buildings located next to the parking garage. We share our building with WMPG radio station downstairs. There is always someone in the office whether it is our business manager Lucille or one of the staff members, so come in and say hello!


Payson Smith is the building almost directly across the lawn from Luther Bonney. It’s home to a variety of classrooms, as well as USM counseling services. The temperature is always too hot or too cold in these classrooms, according to our staff, so prepare accordingly.


Luther Bonney is home to all your USM needs. They host a small snack and coffee shop, a computer lab, advising and financial assistance and much more. It’s a great building located right across from the Free Press office! However, if you want to use the elevator instead of taking the climb up Luther Bonney’s five floors, make sure you give yourself some extra time before class, as it could potentially make you late.


Woodbury is where you can grab a bite to eat, stand outside to catch the bus, or go to the bookstore and buy that last minute book you couldn’t find on Amazon. Woodbury also houses different student organizations, such as the Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity, the Student Diversity Center and more.


If the Luther Bonney computer lab is full, there’s always enough computers at the Glickman library. You can also reserve a group room which is perfect to work on group projects. Trust me, you will have plenty of homework and projects to do this semester, so might as well hunker down in one of the best study spaces at USM. Hint, as you climb higher in floors, the quieter the study spaces get.


Upperclass is home to, well, upperclassmen. All apartments and suites have a private bath, (yes you read that right!). It’s very luxurious and expensive. But the view of the sunset from Upperclass is so worth it.


Take advantage of the free activities and cheaply priced (or free) athletic classes Costello has to offer. Ever wanted to try a yoga class? A spinning class? How about just run around the track between classes? Being a student at USM means you have an accessible gym at your fingertips for no extra cost. For those of you who commute, the Sullivan Gym on the Portland campus is also a great option, with a bigger weight lifting section.


This area of USM’s Gorham campus is home to a recreational hub of activities that periodically occur throughout the semester. You can grab some food at the Husky Hideaway and relax here. Take advantage of the myriad of events here during the school year, best part is that most are free for students!


This building is home to a variety of classrooms, a small snack shop and the Gorham campus library that also houses a computer lab. The second floor in the library is a great for when you need a quiet place to study or get some homework done before class. You’ll find a great need for an isolated place like this during midterms and finals, with a coffee shop just a few steps away.


Corthell Hall, built in 1878, was the first building to ever be built on campus. It’s halls have seen performances from some of the best local musicals, plays, and musical performances in New England. With the architecture of the building still in its original gothic-style form, you won’t miss this building upon your arrival to the Gorham campus. Be sure to catch a performance here!

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