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People of USM: Skip Cadigan

Posted on November 08, 2017 in Community
By USM Free Press

Liz Trudel

Liz Trudel

The Sullivan Recreation and Fitness Complex, located on the Portland campus, is a multipurpose facility designed with student fitness, wellness, and recreation in mind. The complex is comprised of two fully equipped, air-conditioned fitness centers with a large free weight selection, a variety of universal/cardio equipment, saunas, and extensive locker rooms with a multitude of showers and restrooms. The complex is home to basketball courts, racquetball courts, a squash court, a spin room, and a multipurpose room. For a small price, students can receive personal training sessions, specifically tailored to meet their individual needs and to help them set and reach their personal goals. Also offered at the complex, is a therapeutic massage service by a nationally certified massage therapist, Linda Dillingham.

The heart and soul of the successful Sullivan Complex facilities can be found in the central office of the basement complex. George Cadigan, better known as “Skip”, is the Sullivan sports amenity manager, or “the funny guy at the gym,” as he likes to refer to himself. Cadigan has been working for the University of Southern Maine’s sports complex for 33 years and he loves his job. He adores his coworkers and expresses his gratitude for the support that they show him and his family. Cadigan recalls when his daughter was born and he was on “baby leave.” His boss called him into work for an “urgent” meeting and when Cadigan arrived, he found that his coworkers had given him a surprise baby shower. Cadigan states the best portion of his job is the people and the sense of the community which he feels with the gym members and his coworkers. He describes the gym community as a large, close-knit family with traditions that everyone looks forward to, one tradition is the annual Christmas party. Cadigan states that he is a “people person” who loves to interact with the gym members and he enjoys teaching the proper usage of the gym equipment to assist individuals to achieve their personal fitness goals. Cadigan is currently mentoring a university student who desires to fill his place someday. He states, the greatest feeling in the world to him is teaching students to execute the job that he enjoys and to witness their passion for the field of work.

Cadigan has always had a love of sports, fitness, and the outdoors. Growing up, he enjoyed hunting, fishing, skiing, and rugby. In his earlier years, he worked as a first-aid ski patrol in the Pleasant Mountain Ski Area of Maine. He enjoyed assisting people on the mountain, which helped guide him along the path to his current vocation. Cadigan attended Springfield College in Massachusetts, where he majored in recreation, a field which his heart had been set on from a young age. Cadigan stated that the biggest role model in his life was his grandmother. Very much like Cadigan , she adored people. He expressed his grandmother’s great love for others in the way in which she always had guests in her home and she constantly went out of her way to make special birthday cakes when it was someone’s birthdays. In town, Cadigan’s grandmother was referred to as “mom.” Cadigan’s grandmother once told him, “There are many different roads in life, but they all lead to the same place. There aren’t any bad roads. All you can do is keep following the road, stay in the middle of the road, and take everything in moderation.”

If Cadigan could give one valuable piece of information to current college students, it would be to chase after your dreams and not the money. Also,  to  find your passion and what makes you, you, and do it, because you will enjoy going to work every day.

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