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Film Review: Free Fire Misses the Target

Posted on May 04, 2017 in Arts & Culture
By USM Free Press

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By John Rocker and Aaron Halls

Free Fire is an action crime film directed by Ben Wheatley. It follows two shady groups as they meet at an abandoned warehouse for an unlawful weapons exchange liaisoned by Justine (Brie Larson). When an unexpected occurrence causes the deal to go south, the warehouse quickly becomes a battlefield full of chaos as the two groups frantically try to shoot their way out to survive.

What Did We Like?

J: One thing I appreciated about the film was the set design. The entire film takes place in an abandoned warehouse, and you can tell. It’s grimy, dusty and disgusting, and all these characters have to crawl around in it. This element brings a lot of realism to the film, as the location feels like it’s a place where a clandestine arms deal would go down. If the location was polished and tidy, it would have ruined my immersion in the film.

A: I do think that the cast in this piece bring a lot of charisma to their roles, which is highlighted by some great one-liners and quips.. As the violence ensues around the characters, they sometimes confront it  with a certain irreverence which  leads to hilarious results, almost as if they are commenting on the ridiculous nature of the film itself.

What Did We Dislike?

J: The biggest issue with this film is that it tries to take a premise that would be great as a short film and stretches it out to 90 minutes. The film felt long, and that’s a not a good thing. This is mostly a pacing issue, as the characters spend a lot of time either crawling around or recuperating after a brief round of shooting. Maybe it was my anticipating it would be a tense, balls-to-the-wall action movie. Instead it felt empty and devoid of tension.

A: Echoing John a bit, my biggest problem with this film is that it seemed to lack a sense of focus. The characters in this movie are in a situation where things are so hectic they don’t know who, where or why they are shooting at times. Unfortunately this is for most of the movie, providing us little to no reason to feel invested in the characters and the perilous situation they are in.

Who Do We Think This Is For?

J: I’m honestly not sure who this is for. I know I’ve been saying that a lot recently, but I feel that there are better movies in this genre that are worth checking out over this one.

A: While providing moments of fun and entertainment, Free Fire is an overall disappointing experience. It’s worth a watch, but I’d wait until it’s on streaming services or cable.


J: Watch on Cable

A:Watch on Cable

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