Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Woodbury due for an upgrade

Posted on April 18, 2017 in Perspectives
By USM Free Press

By: Dionne Smith, Free Press Staff

Woodbury is due for an upgrade. The Portland Campus is the main campus for commuter students, yet despite this it lacks options for food. The store in Luther Bonney is perfect for its size and location. Woodbury is larger and offers more than ready-made food, but it could still use an upgrade.

The dining hall in Woodbury leaves much to be desired. At first, it seems like they have a wide variety of food, varying from ready-made selections to a fresh meal that’s different every day. After a few months, though, I found myself eating the same three things and wishing for a bigger selection of food.

At other big campuses, there is usually an option for foods of different kinds such as omelets, chinese food and so on. But here, for the most part, all the food is either something fried, pizza or just a normal wrap or sandwich. In addition, there are few people who go for a burrito, and even fewer who ask for the meal of the day.

There is a large variety of students on campus, and the food options should represent that variety. I’ve heard people talk about how they don’t like the food, or there just aren’t any options for them. There are instances where I loathe having no other option but going to Woodbury for food. Once I’m on campus, I’m stuck here for an average of six hours. I don’t have a car, and I don’t have enough time to walk anywhere between my classes without being late.

There needs to be consideration for changing the layout in Woodbury to accommodate a wider variety of food, and work towards more of a buffet style dining hall that offers different styles of food. With the money from the Sodexo contract, I imagine that there could be some funds to at least start putting toward a Woodbury upgrade that would benefit all students.

If there was an upgrade, it could drive more students to want to eat on campus rather than go somewhere else, and it could bring in more money for the university. It could even boost the morale of the students, and save them time and money. If the options at Woodbury were to appeal to more students, the students would save more on gas from traveling back and forth when they want food, which costs much more than buying food out of Woodbury.

Food is a big part of everyone’s life, and good food is important. I know that I personally have marked certain colleges off my list because when I visited, the food was lackluster. An improved Woodbury could bring a lot of positive feedback, and it would be possible to gain more commuter students if we could ensure them high quality food every day.

This is a pilot article on an upcoming new perspectives column that will focus on everything USM. It will include ideas for upgrades on campus, new possible clubs, sharing my opinion on events that happen, and more! If you enjoyed this, or didn’t, please let me know! Send me an email at and tell me how you felt about this article, and if there should be a column about this topic. Thank you!