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Advising Advice: Discover the gold mine that USM’s advising website has for you!

Posted on April 18, 2017 in Perspectives
By USM Free Press

By: Janis Albright, Professional Advisor

Not sure where to find a graduation planner? Need general information about online courses? Not sure how and when you can drop a class? There is no need to look any further than the advising website.

The advising website has resources that focus on academic advising, major and early career investigation, developing your community and so much more. There are four main sections: Advising and Course Selection, Major and Degree Planning, the Advising Process and Resources.

Advising and Course Selection: This section and its included “how to” guides will help you get the most out of your advising experience.

“My students say that reviewing their core requirements and reading how to prep for their appointments makes conversations with their advisors more meaningful for them, because they can then ask more in-depth questions,” said Daniel Barton, one of USM’s professional advisors.

Major and Degree Planning: Choosing your major and completing your degree can be challenging. According to Chelsea Donohue, a health science major who holds a Work Study job in the advising office: “I get lots of questions while working for advising and they are answered clearly in the ‘Declaring my Major’ part of this section. Now I can direct students to the advising website because I know that here they will find the answers they need.”

The Advising Process: Advising is a partnership of learning and exploration between you and your professional and faculty advisors, as explained in this portion of the website.

“Advisors appreciate students who are passionate about learning, and willing to take challenging courses. You are in college to learn new ideas and find out who you are and who you want to become,” said Helen Gorgas Goulding, coordinator for Advising for the Gorham campus. “Sometimes obstacles or bumps in the road make learning even more challenging. This is where your advisor comes in! We help you work through obstacles, get back on track, and stay on track toward success. Meet with your advisors early and often to get the most out of college.”

Resources to Help: In this section there are many gems that can assist you as you begin and continue your college experience. Examples include guides, need to know information, and academic support ideas. Joe Ferrian, a senior at USM, said, “I have bookmarked the GPA calculator. I use it to keep track of my science GPA for the nursing program.”
The next time you are looking for an academic tip, a “how to” guide or information, please start at USM’s advising website or call us at (207) 780-4040.

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