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Advising advice column: creative study spaces

Posted on March 18, 2017 in Perspectives
By USM Free Press

Megan Wright, Academic Advisor

Remember when you were a child and you built a fort in the living room or your bedroom? You grabbed blankets off every bed and created caves, castles and dungeons for you and your toys. Having those creative spaces just for you to escape to and let your imagination run wild may be some of your happier childhood memories. Then you started college. Today your forts look more like desks and your toys are now your trusty pens. Don’t you wish you could still escape to a space you created?

Here at USM, the advising department has designed creative spaces for you. Every student has an area where they can study alone, with a group or prepare for a presentation.  Let’s explore some of these areas!

For students living on campus, visits to the Brooks Student Center, especially its Lower Level, can provide students with a cozy environment. Get comfy on the couches or the bean bag chairs. For a break, enjoy the foosball tables, games and the Husky Hideaway for a late night treat with friends. Chat with people at the Student Activities Center or check out a basketball or volleyball game.

On all three campuses, USM has libraries with computers for individual work and study rooms for group work. If you want to escape to someplace quiet and use a cubby to focus, check out the upper floors of the libraries where you can find secret desks and chairs nestled on all floors. Bring your favorite slippers and headphones to finish up some homework.  

Also check out Woodbury Campus Center on the Portland campus, where there are lots of couches. Quickly heat up some food that you may have brought in one of the microwaves.

If you are an athlete, there are spaces for you too. Student athletes are required to have study tables. In Costello Complex, athletes have a place where they can focus, get homework done and meet with tutors. “Study tables are so helpful for me as an athlete. I love sitting with my team working on homework together and setting aside that time to focus. It really is great!“ said Amanda Hendrickson, a softball athlete. So after practice or working out in the gym, go check it out!

USM has also thought about its growing population of veterans. Each campus has a Veterans Resource Center to help veterans connect with other veterans. With camo on the walls, bulletin boards, couches, microwaves and refrigerators, it’s a great space to study, work on projects and share stories.

College doesn’t mean you have to leave your blanket forts and castles behind. Decide where you can be the most creative. Whether it is in the campus center or library or at a study table, choose the area where you feel the most comfortable. As you walk on campus, check out these places or look for others – and, of course, don’t forget your favorite snack!

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