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Best spots on campus to relax

Posted on February 25, 2017 in Arts & Culture
By USM Free Press

By Dionne Smith

All students need some relaxation time to themselves, whether it be to sleep, study or to simply hide out and be to themselves. To some, it may seem like there are only a few spots on campus in which one can relax, and some of them may not be ideal spots. Unknown to many, there are some areas on campus for students to relax.

A secret spot on campus is in Masterson Hall, Room 113. When not used by a class, the big lecture hall in Masterson is often left open. Most of the day, it will be completely empty, perfect for anyone who wants to momentarily disconnect from the world and have a little time to themselves. It could even serve as a hiding space for a few friends to sit around and chat without the background noise and large crowds of people often present in Luther Bonney.

In the Abromson Center, there is an area in the left corner from the front entrance that is full of light and a few comfortable couches. Due to being directly next to the lift sculpture, it is likely that this area often goes unnoticed. It is convenient, comfortable and mostly quiet, allowing students to go and relax, to do homework or to even take a quick nap before class. Another bonus is Abromson’s connection to the parking garage, allowing quick access.

The second floor of Abromson has the same advantages as the lobby in terms of great seating, lighting and accessibility. The mezzanine area is connected to the skybridge, allowing for easy access to the other buildings on campus. The area also has its own set of couches. The large windows allow for bright lighting and make it an ideal spot for studying.

Another perfect spot for studying is the reading room on the seventh floor of Glickman Library. This room is a quiet zone, allowing students to relax and work hard in a quiet, friendly environment. The long tables offer plenty of space for computers, books, notes and anything else. There are also multiple outlets on each table, so there won’t be any worry about the inability to charge different devices. There are also single-person cushioned chairs facing toward Forest Avenue for people who want to relax and enjoy the view. Due to its quiet nature, it’s also an area where someone could easily fall asleep.

While not as quiet as some of the other locations mentioned, the amphitheater in Woodbury, which is next to the bookstore, is a great place to relax on a soft couch. The advantage of being very close to the food court is that students can grab a snack and then go relax. There are round tables, couches, a few computers and benches in the amphitheater, so students can easily find a spot to sit. It’s not uncommon for students to go and nap there, or to use their computer in peace.

The above are just a few of the many spots on campus for people to go and relax. Students need to be able to have some time to themselves so they don’t accumulate stress, or burn themselves out during a long day of classes. These areas are perfect for anyone who wants to either fall asleep, study hard or do anything in between.

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